New Year Destinations Near Bangalore for NYE 2019

Posted on :
24 December 2018
Posted on :
24 December 2018

The city of Bangalore has a lot to offer in terms of entertainment. With the number of pubs, clubs, and restaurants present in the city, it’s hard to ever really get bored here. On New Year’s the city gets even livelier and special events are being hosted all across the city. However, if a New Year’s party in Bangalore does not interest you and you’d prefer to start the year on a travel note, there are several places to visit for New Year near Bangalore.

The New Year destinations near Bangalore offer everything from beach destinations to a quiet retreat to the hills. The strategic location of Bangalore allows for a quick break away from the city to a number of idyllic destinations. We’ve prepared a list of the best places to visit near Bangalore for New Year for a special holiday!

Places to Visit near Bangalore for New Year 2019

1. Kodachadri

An 8-hour drive from Bangalore, Kodachari is a beautiful mountain to visited. Located in the Western Ghats in Karnataka, this peak is the 10th highest in Karnataka and surrounded by dense forests all around. Rejuvenate your senses and welcome the New Year surrounded by the beauty and peace that nature has to offer!

2. Kudremukh

The mountain range Kudremukh is Karnataka’s 2nd highest peak and located in Chikmagalur district. There’s also a Nature Park here and the region has a lot to offer in terms of rich flora and fauna. Only a 7-hour drive from Bangalore, Kudremukh is a breath of fresh air and trekking through its trails, its waterfalls is a delightful way to welcome the New Year. For your most peaceful New Year yet, head to Kudremukh and immerse yourself in its beauty.

3. Chikmagalur

Start your New Year with a sip of the best coffee in the country! What better way to start 2019 than with a whiff and taste of the freshest coffee amidst coffee plantations and in the place where coffee was birthed in the country? Head over to Chikmagalur for a new year destination that is perfect for the coffee lover. It also does not hurt that this hill station has a favourable climate and trekking trails that end with spectacular views.

4. Sakleshpur

Revel in nature’s uniqueness and explore a variety of flora and fauna in Sakleshpur. A short 4-hour drive from Bangalore, Sakleshpur is one fo the 18 most diverse spots in the world in terms of flora and fauna. Be sure to not miss the local flora which is a reddish-orange pagoda flower. Say goodbye to the old year and welcome the start of a new one in an experience that is surely unique and offbeat. 

5. Hampi

The ancient village of Hampi is a well known and frequently visited region in Karnataka. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is absolutely beautiful and full of history and culture. One can also take a boat ride to the next village and experience a more offbeat lifestyle with shacks and mopeds all around, and activities such as bouldering and cliff diving. Hampi is a unique experience and ending your year watching the sunset at the top of the Hanuman Temple is something you won’t forget very soon.

6. Agumbe

For a New Year that is truly offbeat and far away from the maddening crowd, head on over to Agumbe. This small village is full of waterfalls, trekking routes and the most glorious sunsets! An 8-drive away from Bangalore, this hill town is perfect for a New Year that is cosy, quiet and surrounded by beauty all around, The weather here is perfect for a snug New Year!

7. Gokarna

The small temple town of Gokarna is known not only for being a pilgrimage town, but also for its numerous beaches. If Goa is too crowded for your liking, then Gokarna would be your next best bet. The beaches and shacks here have an offbeat vibe to them and one can enjoy spending their New Year on its beaches. There are sure to also be several events hosted especially for New Year and you can expect New Year parties on the beach and camping expeditions, to name a few.

8. Gandikota

Gandikota, the Grand Canyon of India, is a 13th-century fort beside the river Penna and it is surrounded by the Erramala hills. The gorge allows for the most gorgeous views and one could end the year or begin the year with a magnificent treat to the eyes. The trek up to the gorge is also sure to get your blood pumping and for all those who love adventure, a trip here is one hell of a way to ring in the New Year.

9. Goa

The beach town of Goa needs little to no introduction. It is possibly the best place to spend New Year’s at in India. It offers everything from music festivals to parties at 5-star resorts to parties on the beach itself! Goa on New Year’s has a vibe that is incomparable and one can enjoy it in a more adventurous route with trekking and camping options or choose to party in any of the places around North Goa. This destination is perfect for anyone and everyone and spending New Year’s in Goa ought to be in your guest list.

10. Ooty

The beautiful hill station Ooty is only a short drive away from Bangalore and is the perfect hill station getaway! Your New Year here will be nothing short of captivating and therapeutic. The hills and valleys are sure to leave you mesmerized and the charm of the town is sure to capture your heart. Spend your New Year in the most heartwarming manner when you’re in Ooty. The resorts and guesthouses are sure to have something special planned for the 31st evening!

11. Coorg

Coorg is already a favourite weekend destination for many people in Bangalore and spending your New Year there is sure to be tempting. The plantations, the waterfalls and the dense cover are what we all love about Coorg, and not to forget the lip-smacking Coorgi food! Start your New Year in this beautiful destination and start your year with your first taste of wanderlust satiated!

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