Top 7 Live Shows in Bangalore for 2018

Posted on :
17 July 2018
Posted on :
17 July 2018

Bangalore presents celebrity concerts, Live shows, and a list of musical events to spend your weekend exuberantly. These concerts in Bangalore have incredible performers and artists all over the nation to celebrate music.

Image Credits - Pixabay

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1.  Padmabhushan Dr. S.P. Balasubrahmanyam Live in Concert

Padmabhushan Dr. S.P. Balasubrahmanyam Live in Concert in Bangalore! There is no better way to treat yourself with soulful Indian classical music by Dr. S.P. Balasubrahmanyam. A loveable approach by his fans - SPB, is a singer who has won over a million hearts in 5 decades of his musical career.

 Image Credits -  Padmabhushan Dr. S.P. Balasubrahmanyam Live in Concert

He has raised the standard of Indian classical music and brought immense credits to the Indian music industry. His songs cover most of the south Indian languages, that are themed around love, nature, romance, and devotion. He has worked with famous legends like Mr.Ilayaraja and A.R. Rahman. His concerts are a true delight and joy.

When: 21st July 2018
Where: Orion Mall, West Bangalore
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2. Malanad Calling 2018

Malnad calling is a musical event in Sakleshpur. Sakleshpur is a hill station in Malnad region, surrounded by coffee, cardamom, pepper and areca plantations. This festival mainly focuses on art, nature, music, and workshop. 

Image Credits -  Malanad Calling 2018

Malanad calling, initiated by Namaha Art Community a nonprofit art and music community focuses on providing the platform for art practitioners and nature explorers to come together and experience art.

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When: 17th August 2018
Where: Sakleshpur (Outside Bangalore)
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3. The Legend Pancham Da- Synergy of Rhythm and Brass

Bangalore presents yet another musical tribute to the legend Pancham Da. A musical concert to raise funds with Musicians from Rahul Dev Burman Troupe with lead singers like Sinchan Dixit and Reena Hebbar, Kishore Sodha, Sham Rajan, performing live along with many other award winners.

Image Credits - The Legend Pancham Da- Synergy of Rhythm and Brass

Rahul Dev Burman fondly know as Pancham Da was a great musician and an incredible legend. This charity cause is to raise government education aids. This live musical concert in Bangalore can make so much of a difference in the life of a child.

When: 21 July 2018
Where: Chowdiah Memorial Hall
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4. Gokarna - Silent Disco Party on Beach

An outdoor musical event, which brings great music, celebration, and an incredible time outdoors. A silent disco on a beach party calling all youngsters to wiggle their way. This event lets you party on Om beach & a walk by the Nirvana Beach. Besides the silent shores, experience Bollywood music, and EDM.

Image Credits - Gokarna - Silent Disco Party on Beach

There is more to the event like dancing by the campfire, Sky Lanterns, Sunrise and sunset view, full moon night and a perfect party vibe. Gokarna - Silent Disco Party on Beach, has amazing Earlybird Offers with travel to and fro from Bangalore.

When: 27 July 2018
Where: Gokarna (Outside Bangalore)
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5. Music & Camping - Friendship day Celebration - With Mannat - The Band

There is no better way to celebrate friendship day than to celebrate at MudFest Outdoors. MudFest Outdoors is an exclusive campsite in close proximity of Bangalore, amidst nature, away in the woods to experience outdoor. This is the best place to travel with friends & explore.

Image Credits - Pixabay

The main crux of this event is that it has a thrilling Live performance by “Mannat”. This band consists of a young group of people who are greatly talented in their musical career. Amit Sharma is the vocalist, Sandeep Saxena the guitarist, Piyush Arya is the keyboard artist and Raj Banerjee is the drummer. This live musical event is truly energizing while you party outdoors. A two-day event to make your friendship day merrier with some music, dance.

When: 4th August 2018
Where: MudFest outdoors(North Bangalore)
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6. Acoustic it is! - With Aural Mural

Live music in Bangalore with Bharath and Sneha. Celebrate music with this young musicians while they perform music in all expressions. Sneha is a critically acclaimed Western classical singer-songwriter. Bharath is a trained Carnatic classical musician who plays slide guitar in his own music style. Apart from composing and designing music, they have widely performed with well-renowned musicians across the country and have received nominations for International awards.

Image Credits - Acoustic it is! - With Aural Mural

Their style of harmonizing elevates the audience through their mesmerizing music. Their choice of making melody is a mixture of western and Indian classical music. Expect to listen to a wide range of music that includes contemporary jazz, blues and pop with a hint of Western and Indian classical music. Join in for an acoustic evening for a time of heavenly music.

When: 22nd July 2018
Where: The Circular Square
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7. Acoustic Rock Night

Here is another musical event in Bangalore with the best rock songs of all time. If you are someone wanting to celebrate rock night then you are in for a treat.
Nitika and Troydon Netto are passionate musicians and bring loads of entertainment to the audience. Nitika is a powerhouse of a singer and a  dancer. She loves her music. Nitika believes music sways her in all the emotions from joy to agony and it is that form of music she presents to her audience.

Image Credits - Pixabay

Troydon Netto plays the guitar, drums, keyboard and even beatboxes. He plays for multiple bands like Ryan and the undercovers, White Lady, Soulstreet etc, a rock and metal band. Together they treat their audience with acoustic rock music at this event.

When: 28th July 2018
Where: Lahe Lahe
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