Top Himalayan Treks That Show Snow This Season!

Posted on :
1 June 2018
Posted on :
1 June 2018
Trekking the Indian Himalaya has its perks for sure! While trekkers are trailing along on their adventure in the Himalaya, they are sure to be up close with stunning panoramic views of the snow capped mountains that the region is popularly known for. Treks like Roopkund, Rupin Pass, Everest Base Camp and likes are sure to show snow along the climb, on the highest altitudes on the trail. Most treks that scale up High Altitudes have a higher chance of showing snow. The trails that show snow could also be on altitudes that are lesser than the high altitude which is 14,000 ft., this also depends on the weather conditions during the season. A snowfall in the Himalayas during summer, is one of the best sights that you can catch the Himalayas in. A snowfall overnight could paint the region pristine white. This could also be one of the reasons why trekkers should be prepared mentally, physically to be able to trek further and adapt to the climatic changes. There are few trails that naturally shift from a green to a contrast of snow because of their altitudes, which the trekkers can be always prepared for. 

1. Roopkund Trek

Roopkund at an altitude of 15,750 ft. is a moderately difficult level trek. As one of the High Altitude treks, the trail shows a contrast of landscapes along the trek. The six day trek, starts off at a dense oak forest of Ghairoli and one of the most beautiful campsites. The alpine meadows Ali Bugyal and Bedni Bugyal leaves you awestruck, making the trek one of the scenic ones among the others, also letting the trekkers catch a magnificent view of Mt.Trishul. The last stretch that scales up 15,750 ft. towards the Roopkund shows stunner snow covered trail that pumps a dose of adrenaline rush for the trekkers.

2. Rupin Pass Trek

Almost all pass crossing treks along the Himalaya show snow along the trail on a trek. Rupin Pass has such a shrill thrill pass crossing. While the Rupin River still outline the trail, the trek shows a contrast of trekking through quaint Himalayan villages, forest patches, glacial meadows and the popular pass crossing. Snow patches start showing at around 11,700 ft. on the trail upto the Upper Waterfall Camp. At about 15,380 ft at the Rupin Pass crossing, the trekkers are treading through the snow covered landscape. While the snow would make it difficult, fitness and being well prepared mentally is sure to help the trekkers. 

3. Hampta Pass Trek

The moderately difficult Hampta Pass trek is one of the best treks to be on if you are looking to get the ultimate trekking experience in the Himalayas. The trail shows stark contrast of landscapes on trail. Starting with dense forest patches, meadow clearings, a river side camp, dessert oasis and most exhilarating snow stretch on the pass crossing, Hampta Pass has it all! Trekkers will find themselves treading throw the snow at an altitude of 14,035 ft at the Hampta Pass. 

4. Har Ki Dun Trek

Popularly known as the 'Valley of the gods', Har Ki Dun scales up a 11,700 ft as the highest altitude. The stunning 8 day trek, starts showing snow filled stretches at about 8,956 ft at Kalkatiyadhar on the third day of the trek. While at Har Ki Dun, trekkers can also explore the Jaundar Glacier that shows strikingly beautiful snow covered land, ridges and glacial basin that lies ahead.

5. Bhuran Ghati Trek

The highest that the trekkers will reach up is about 15,000 ft. The moderately difficult level, 8 day trek starts showing snow at an altitude of about 13,900 ft. At the highest altitude along Buran Ghati, the trekkers are treading through pristine snow clad region. While the climbing the pass is difficult at about 15,000 ft, with layers of snow, and then on to the snow field could be a task. Having that established, this one the best parts of the trek, with snow descents that the trekkers can slide down while descending down the peak.

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