5 Reasons to check out the Dastkar Nature Bazaar

By Usha Hariprasad
Posted on :
10 August 2016
Posted on :
10 August 2016

This year’s Dastkar Nature Bazaar at Bangalore was innovative and refreshing. Kathputli(Puppet) from Rajasthan, soft woven stoles from Himachal, Sabai grass products from Orissa, Bengal, traditional board games and puzzles from Bangalore, terra cotta, ceramics, artwork and handwoven prints from various parts of the country- the 100 or odd craft groups at the Bazaar exhibited their best works and showcased the rich heritage of the country.

“I always find the Dastkar Bazaar interesting. It is one of the places where I am bound to get something visual and eye-catchy for my home,” says Aparna from Banaswadi. 

Apart from the standard reason of finding something of value, Bazaar such as these can also be   immensely satisfying. After all your purchases help in supporting the livelihood of these craftsmen.  

Here are five more reasons why this Bazaar can be insightful.

Jugaad- Trash is gold here:

Jugaad is a colourful stall. The surprise, most of the products on display are upcycled. The cute pocked sized books, the lovely door hangings, the colourful bags- all transformed from trash. So any impulsive buys here does not go waste. You would have done something good for the environment as upcycled products mean less trash ending up in landfills.

Gramya- Banana fibres can replace trees:

A couple of friendly slogans from this stall catch your attention. “Go Green”, “Save Our Trees” are the various messages displayed on their products. The surprise here is that all their products are crafted from the humble Banana plant. Gramya is an enterprise from Chitradurga, Karnataka that creates some fantastic products from the bark of banana plant – hand-woven bags, purses, mats to name a few.

Haathi Chaap- Poo is useful:

Nothing gross here, Elephant poo metamorphoses in to notebooks, clocks, bags, book marks, photo frames etc. The enterprise aptly named Haathi Chaap turns elephant waste in to handmade paper. The products are simple, elegant and eco-friendly.  No bleach used and only vegetable dyes to colour the paper.

Sabai Grass products- Grass as a livelihood:

Grass can provide income opportunities too. Sabai is a naturally growing grass in the hills of North Eastern India. The rural people earn their livelihood from this perennial grass.  The grass is collected by the women, dried and made in to ropes that are then woven in to different products like mats, baskets, bags, boxes etc.

Chaya Nisarga/ Kadam-Haat and Potli- DIY kits and toys rooting heritage

Aadu Huli toy (Goats and Tigers),Pagade (Royal Game of India),Tic Tac Toe-attractive yet full of learning, these lost and forgotten  traditional board games have been brought to life by this Bangalore Organization, Chaya Nisarga. Each toy is a master piece in itself.

Kadam Haat and Potli stall also boasted some interesting DIY kits that promises the user to teach the arts and crafts of India. To name a few- Patua Painting kit, Gond kit, Phad painting, Madhubani painting etc. 

So head to the 12th edition of Dastkar’s Bazaar if you are in Bangalore. The event is on till 15th August at Manpho Convention Centre, Nagwara Ring Road. There is an entry fee of Rs 40 and the timings are from 11 a.m. to 8 pm every day.

 Featured Image Courtesy: Dastkar FB Page

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Usha Hariprasad

I am Usha , an Engineer turned freelance writer residing in Bangalore. I blog about heritage and sustainability topics.

I am Usha , an Engineer turned freelance writer residing in Bangalore. I blog about heritage and sustainability topics.