Top 8 Himalayan Treks That You Should Be On This Summer

Posted on :
10 May 2018
Posted on :
10 May 2018

Himalayan Treks have the perfect blend of fun, adventure, adrenaline rush, mind blowing panoramic views and sublime trek trails. Starting with easy treks for beginners to difficult treks that can be tedious for even very fit trekkers, the trails all lead to a point where you are bound to be left feeling humbled, invincible, confident, wise and insignificant among the mightiest, all at the same time. As the mountains tower over the trails, proving their magnificence, the treks practically leave the trekkers wanting for more. If you are looking to explore the Himalayas, the best way is to trail along on a trekking experience.

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1. Kheerganga Trek

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As one of the most scenic trails, Kheerganga has been stealing the hearts of avid trekkers during summers. Having been one of the popular treks that give the perfect first time experience for beginners, the pristine Parvati river and the hot springs just add a load of fun while trekking through. The trail shows from stunner forest clearings, to the snow-capped mountains. At an altitude of 9222 ft, the peak shows the mountain view.

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2. Hampta Pass Trek

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Hampta pass is one of the best moderately difficult treks for a summer adventure. The trail shows stark contrast of landscapes, making it one of the very few Himalayan Treks that give a wholesome trekking experience in the Himalayas. The highest altitude on this trek would be a 14,035 ft at the Hampta Pass, showing strikingly attractive panoramic views. The crossover trek, which has a pass that the trekkers need to cross-over shows dense forest patches, meadow clearings, a river side camp on one of the trek days, dessert oasis and the dramatic mountain scapes during the pass crossing. You see why this could be one of the best treks for on a summer adventure? 

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3. Pin Parvati Trek

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The Pin Parvati Trek is one of the treks that largely attracts avid trekkers who are constantly looking to challenge themselves with adventure treks. While this is a difficult level trek and requires fitness, the trial shows some epic views that a trekker should never miss out on. The high altitude trek scales up to a 17,457 ft at the Pin Parvati Pass. The trek trails through a couple of Himalayan villages like Mudh and a few after reaching Kheerganga, followed by sights of glaciers and rocky terrains.

There will also be forest and barren Spiti terrains along the way, letting the trekkers soak in some of the best experiences travelling along the Himalayas. In contrast to the experience trekkers will be trekking along the Pin River, the hot water springs are such a light note and perfect after a tiring trek.

4. Roopkund Trek

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Roopkund is one of the must-do’s if you are a trek lover and on the ‘adventure junkie’ side of things. Scaling the highest altitude of 15,750 the high altitude trek is a moderately difficult level trek. As one of the most scenic summer treks, the trail shows magnificent alpine meadows, at the Bedni and Ali Bugyal. With Mt.Trishul and Nanda Gunti constantly towering over, giving some stunning scapes that the trekkers can gawk at, the trail adds some fun adventure twist to the ascents and the descents.

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5. Rupin Pass Trek

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Rupin pass is among the top treks in India that every adventure trekker must to atleast once! It’s one of the few treks along the Himalayas that show some breathtaking scapes throughout the trek. By the time the trekkers are wrapping their heads around one stunning terrain, the pass hits them with an ‘awe’ of more better scenes. The Rupin so perfectly setting the tone to the trek, runs all along the trail. A trekker needs to be confident and fit because of the slippery terrains and ridges that the trail shows. With the highest altitude of the trek being at about 15380 ft, the trek is a moderately difficult level trek. The stone cairns that line up along the Rupin Pass is such a sight. Here’s a fun fact about crossing the Rupin Pass, the only way to get out of there is only by sliding down the snow on your bottom. Well, after the crazy hours and days of trekking, why not?

6. The Triund Trek

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The Triund Trek, not very far from Dharamshala, is one of the most fun and easy treks along the Himalayas. The two trek is perfect if you are a beginner starting out on treks or if you want to explore along the Himalayas. With the Kangra Valley taking your breath away, the Triund has the perfect spots to pitch tents for a fun camping after watching the lovely sunset from up there. Triund is also one of the treks that can be done is small groups over the weekend, perfect for a Summer Trek!

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7. The Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

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Not one, but seven scenic Alpine lakes and lush green meadows of Kashmir, with the mountain ranges playing the perfect backdrop, triggering every Kashmir charm to life, this trek is one of the most beautiful treks. The highest altitude at the trek would be 13,800 ft, making it one of the moderately difficult treks. Every trek day shows lakes with icebergs and meadows surrounding, letting the trekkers soak in all the beauty they possibly can. The Kashmir Great Lakes trek makes for a perfect summer adventure, if you are planning on giving up on the buzzed city hassle.

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