Adventurous and Challenging Treks around Mumbai

Posted on :
28 March 2018
Posted on :
28 March 2018

'Do one thing every day that scares you'. Well, thrills sound much better. Challenge yourself with these awesome adventures – Take upon Trekking in Mumbai.

1. Floating Tent Camping & Adventure Activity

Have a trekking experience like no other trek in Maharashtra. Enjoy Trekking, Cave explore, Zip Line, River Crossing, River side camping, Sleep on water with Floating Camp, Wading Through Water, adapting to the Valley of Shadows, Back Packing and unique type trek with lots of fun, activities and special Konkani Food.

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2. Hanging Tent Event

Situated in the Western Ghats near Ratangad and popularly known as the Valley Of Shadows, Sandhan Valley is a naturally carved valley 200 feet deep and approximately 2kms long. Located near to the stunning Bhandardara region, it is also surrounded by Alang, Madan, Kulang, Kalsubai, Ratangad and Ajoba forts. Experience ten minutes of being inside a tent suspended 300ft above the ground, 350ft valley crossing activity, 140ft Rappelling activity.

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3. Dukes Nose 300 feet rappelling and thrilling traversing of 1000 feet.

Dukes Nose near Khandala which is named after Duke Wellington is a huge pinnacle seen while traveling from Mumbai to Pune. The sight from the top is unique and magnificent as one sees a vast landscape and the winding Mumbai-Pune expressway cutting through the ghats and trains chugging along the tracks. It's famous for rappelling, rock climbing and valley crossing activities. Rappelling (English Name) also known as abseiling (German Name) is a method of a quick and safe descend after a climb. It’s an act of descending a mountain face by sliding down a rope, which is attached to a body harness and fastened to an overhead projection, with sufficient friction provided as to make the speed of descent controllable.
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4. Kara Lake (Bhaba Valley) Trek

Kara Lake is a mesmerizing destination situated along the Bhaba River. Bhaba Valley affords scenic splendors with stunning landscapes and picturesque beauty. The Bhaba valley is well known for its picturesque and magnificent surroundings-dense forests and lush green flower-strewn meadows. The path of this trek climbs through single crop fields of Mastrang and passes through a mixed forest of conifers. The track brings us through little clearings of potato and buckwheat till it reaches the meadows of Mulling. Over the past one is awestruck on entering Spiti. The mountainscape has an exotic appearance. Barren, rugged Rocky Mountains rise from the valley floor to heights of several thousand feet. All around is a panorama of rugged crags and slopes that change hues from pale pink to bright scarlet, alternating with the soft blues and greens of the glaciers.
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5. Kedarkantha Trek

Kedarkantha is a mountain peak of the Himalayas in Uttarakhand, India. Its elevation is 12,500 ft.Kedarkantha is located within Govind Wildlife Sanctuary in Uttarkashi district. The trek route offers a breathtaking view of snowy mountains, peaks, dense forest, waterfalls, bugyals (high altitude meadow), wildlife and rare Himalayan birds. One can view the majestic peaks of Swragarohini, Bandarpoonch and Kala Nag from a close range for ages, the land has been known for temples and shrines with sacred mythological attachments.
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6. Kiyarkoti Lake Trek

This trek visits Alpine forests of bhojpatra, (the famous "paper tree"), juniper, and the stately deodar. The famous Kyarkoti bugyals (Alpine Meadows) Spectacular views of the famous snow-capped high Himalayas Srikanth and some unnamed mountains, Kyarkotital mountain lake. Hardy bakeware (mountain headers) with their flocks of sheep and goats, frequent sightings of families of lithe and lively langoor (like a black-faced monkey) swinging through the tree canopy high above, Chances to see ibex, snow fox, mountain crow, and eagles.
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