Top Fun Summer Camps in Bangalore - 2018

Posted on :
15 March 2018
Posted on :
15 March 2018

Summer holidays are just around that corner! This can only mean one thing. Time to let the kids explore, learn, unwind and take life at a fun pace. We have the best Summer Camps for this year. Your kids get to choose from a wide range of events according to their interests.

1. Robotics with LEGO

Kids will be exploring creativity, communication and problem solving skills at the sessions. They will be learning in depth about robotics with LEGO and practical sessions. The robotics kit will give them an interactive experience of designing and programming them.

When: 2nd - 6th April

Where: Bloom & Grow

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2. Martial Arts - Summer Camp

Four weeks of fun loaded sessions on training the kids with fitness, strength and skill to master Martial Arts. Trained professionals will be overseeing these classes. 

When: 2nd - 30th April

Where: Accolades Badminton & Sports Academy

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3. Summer Explore Camp

The prime motivation at this adventure summer camp to expose kids to adventure and nature. While also teaching them essential life skills, kids will get to indulge in a bunch of adventure activites which will help them understand nature better. There will also be activities to help with skills like team building, leadership and independence.

When: 16th - 22nd April

Where: Hingaara

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4. Techno Summer Camp

Letting the kids learn the art of modelling, they will build a car with kit specially designed and will be remote controlled. They will learn about building the body of the car with foam board, fix mechanism with motor and battery to move the car and control the car with wireless remote. This will help them with being innovative and technically strong at the same time.

When: 2nd April

Where: Techno Summer Camp

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5. Junior Bakers - Summer Camp

There will be a wide range of classes of varying length for kids of all grade levels. Just to get the fun started, there will be hands-on practical sessions along with the Chef! Dark chocolate fantasy cupcakes, pizza, dinner rolls and that can be delicious for them.

When: 9th - 13th April

Where: Konsult Baking & Culinary Academy.

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6. Kids Nature Camp

The kids will get to experience the tranquility of Western Ghats while connecting with nature. The activities will also emphasize and help them focus on on key life skills and introduce them to a sustainable and self-sufficient way of life, out in the wild. Through this program will also inspire kids to be the champions of nature conservation and sustainable living.

When: 9th - 14th April

Where: Malajodi Farms

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7. Lego Robotics Summer Camp

The workshop will have sessions that will let kids develop essential life skills like problem-solving, collaboration, creativity and communication. Working with the Construction Kit that contains simple robotics tools allows them to get creative to design and then program. At the community build sessions, kids also join together to build theme based projects & large Lego models.

When: 14th - 18th May

Where: The Popsicle Studio

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