All You Need To Know About The Upcoming Bangalore Food Truck And Music Festival Freedom Edition

Posted on :
9 August 2016
Posted on :
9 August 2016

Bangalore's favourite food truck and music festival is back to celebrate freedom. The festival will have around 15 food trucks keeping the foodies of Bangalore happy with their lip smacking dishes. One can hope to find different cuisines at this festival going to be held at Pebble this 14th August at 11 AM. The festival not only adds some great flavour to your Sunday but also gives you a chance to relax in an environment full of delicious food and good music. Here are some food trucks that are all set to feed the foodies in the festival.

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1. Truckafe

Credits- Truckafe

Bringing you meals worthy of a 5 star hotel at affordable prices is Truckafe. The food truck doesn't have a fixed menu which keeps its customers excited about their different creations. The truck also features weekend specials and maybe we'll get to feast on some this weekend.

2. Foodipa

Credits- Foodipa

This food truck serves everything can hope for in a desi snack but with a twist of its own. One can even find Punjabi and Sindhi lunches and scrumptious paranthas at this food truck.

3. The Bite Club

Credits- The Bite Club

With a menu that is full of fast food, brunches, hot dogs, sandwiches, seafood and American dishes, The Bite Club surely has everyone excited about the festival.

4. Le Casse CroĆ»te

Credits- Le Casse Croûte

Bangalore's first French food truck, Le Casse Croûte translates to a light meal. Their menu is filled with authentic French snacks and their lip smacking meals have garnered a good following for them.

5. Ice Cream Buggy

Credits- Ice Cream Buggy

India's fastest growing food truck chain, Ice Cream Buggy just needs a electrical plug unit to operate. The yummy ice creams served at this truck have helped its creators expand their chain to big metros of India and even start operations overseas.

6. Amexicano

As the name suggests, this food truck serves American and Mexican delights to Bangaloreans. The mobile eatery serves exquisite food items, which are enough to fill your apetite, at affordable prices.

7. Smoke Signal Barbeque

Credits- Smoke Signal Barbeque

Smoke Signal BBQ covers all meals of the day with its continental, Italian and Mexican food. One can relish their delicious pizzas, burgers, steaks and other dishes at the upcoming festival.

8. As on Fire

Credits- As on Fire

India's first and only wood fire pizza and barbaque food truck, As on Fire serves customized pizzas with different kinds of toppings. Their fresh pizzas and filling chicken barbeques have everyone drooling in anticipation for the food truck festival.

9. Go Waffles

A fan of Belgian waffles? Get ready to treat yourself in the festival with some freshly baked waffles by Bangalore's first Belgian waffle food truck.

10. The Lalit Food Truck Company

Credits- The Lalit Food Truck Company

The latest venture of the chain of hotels where they bring the food right from the kitchens of their restaurants to the streets near you. The truck will be present at the event pampering people with their hot and delicious eats.

11. SWAT

Credits- SWAT

SWAT- Serving with a twist, was India's first food truck to serve authentic American curbside gourmet food. The truck aims to bring the authentic taste of American food to Bangalore's foodies with, its own twist.

12. Road Kill

Credits- Road Kill

Reviving old forgotten dishes with their colonial Anglo-Indian cuisine, Road Kill covers a variety of dishes and cuisines in its menu.

13. The Rolling Chef

The mobile restaurant indulges in Chinese, Indian and Pakistani cuisines. Their food continues to captivate the foodies in Bangalore and we can't wait to see what The Rolling Chef has to offer for the upcoming festival.

14. Streety Treats

This food truck is steadily gaining momentum in Bangalore's food truck scene with its Thai and Chinese cuisine. Find them at the food truck festival on Sunday.

Also joining the other mobile restaurants will be the food truck Two to Tango. 

The festival will also feature some live music from 11 AM to 11 PM by artists like- Shanti Ashram, B-Side, Anup Loopstation, Red hot rolling papers, Indiever and DJ Sahil.

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