Perfect Camping Escapes Near Pune - New Year 2018

Posted on :
21 November 2017
Posted on :
21 November 2017

A crowded party halls and city-lights are something you want to ditch these New Year in Pune? Party at these camping spots this New Years, not very far from the city, camp under the stars, enjoy some live music, meet fun people, bond over food and get on some adventure sports like trekking, rafting and more! 

1. Kolad - 113 Kms

Kolad is one of the best camping spots. Just about 113 Kms from Pune is the most perfect quick escape for this years’ New Year camping. You can get on some adventure river rafting, be a part of a fun New Year party out in the middle of nowhere, enjoy some live music and bonfire. From Riding ATVs, paragliding, rock climbing, rappelling, mountain biking and waterfall rappelling there's  of the activities that only extremely passionate adventure seekers opt for.

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2. Prabalmachi - 116 Kms

Just about 116 Kms from Pune is the scenic Prabalmachi. This place is perfect for some adventure trekking and camping. The place is surrounded by some stunner greenscapes adding to the experience of camping and waking up to catch an early sunrise. A one hour trek up shows a beautiful trail and a panoramic view of the surroundings, letting you enjoy a beautiful New Year's dawn.

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3. Malshej Ghat - 138 Kms

A 138 Kms drive from Pune will lead you to the Malshej Ghat, one of the most scenic getaways. At an altitude of 2300 ft. Mashej Ghat is a perfect destination for a nature lover to unwind this New Year's Eve. The valleys along the Mashej Ghat is one of the popular attractions. If you are a wildlife or nature enthusiast, then you might want to catch a stunning glimpse of the Pink Flemingoes if you are lucky. The place is also perfect for some adventure camping this New Years.

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4. Lonavala - 65 Kms

While in Lonavala you need to take in as much as you can the breathtaking views and pristine environment. While there, visit the Karla, Bhaja and Bhedsa caves to take a peek into the past of the ancient India. Lonavala has some untapped camping spots that let adventure lovers explore. Camping events in Lonavala also feature some of the best live shows, fun adventure activities, and also meeting like minded people. What more do you need this New Years?

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5. Pawna - 61 Kms

The lake is perfectly tucked between the Sahyadri Ranges setting a picturesque surrounding just about 61 Kms from Pune. Formed from the Pawna Dam, the lake is also a fun picnic spot as the roads that lead there takes one through and between hills that surround the lake. There cannot be a better spot for a tent set up under the stars.

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This is also an ideal place for parasailing, kayaking, windsurfing and more. A camping night under the stars at Pawna makes for a perfect celebration with some live music, bonfire, food and fun this New Years. There are a few camps at Pawna that hosts some fun New Year Parties.

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6. Kamshet - 45 Kms

Standing tall at about 2200 ft, it is 45 km from Pune is the lovely Kamshet, a perfect getaway from a crowded city. The place is popular for the adventure activities like Paraglinding, and other trekking spots that lets you unwind! This New Years there are going to be more fun range events to let you enjoy, party and also cross some adventure task on your bucket list.

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7. Rajgad - 62 Kms

Old Palace ruins, water cisterns, and caves are some of the stunning sights that you can explore about while at Rajgad. Rajgad Fortis  one of the perfect adventure spot that both both tourists and trekkers would enjoy. Most group of trekkers who head to Rajgad prefer camping overnight just to catch a stunning sunrise that Rajgad lets you witness. There is nothing better for on a New Year morning if you are planning to skip the New Year's Eve party scenes.

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8. Bhandardara - 172 Kms

At a height of about 3000 ft, this is one of the top destinations for camping near Pune. As a popular resort village that has been hosting holiday parties and events, Bhandardara never fails to offer some of the fun camping events. To add to this are the private cabins that boast and pamper visitors with scenic views, nature, adventure and fun. Escape off into the lap of nature this New Years.

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