New Year Party Venues In Pune That Will Take Your NYE Celebrations To A Whole New Level

Posted on :
21 November 2017
Posted on :
21 November 2017

With the staggering number of youngsters in the city, Pune is turning into an important party hub int he country. Pune is one of those few cities in the country with a very active nightlife. As of today, there are over a hundred pubs and nightclubs in this buzzing metropolis. 

1. Knight Riders

Have you always wanted to be in a masquerade party? Well, the Knight Riders had one for new years last year. If good food, great music and a lovely ambience in an open-air setting are what you are looking for, you're in the right place. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes though, they always bring the best DJs and you're sure to be dancing all night long!

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Upcoming Parties at Knight Riders

2. The Irish House

All set for the ultimate disco night? The cosy yet festive ambience is certainly the perfect place to be if you want to celebrate the new year with your own loved ones. A great party is 50% the food and 50% the music and The Irish House guarantees best of both. Don't say we didn't warn you about Irish hangovers though!

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Upcoming Parties at The Irish House

3. High Spirits

Eccentric. That describes this place in one word. The ambience is nothing short of an Alice in Wonderland experience and the colourful murals simply add to the psychedelic feel of this place. Make your new years eve unforgettable by indulging in a wild party at this not so conventional Cafe in Koregaon Park.

Upcoming Parties at High Spirits

4. Blue Frog Pune

If live performances are what your heart is set on, look no farther than the Blue Frog. It is one of the most famous clubbing spots in the city. Let's just say the brilliant lighting and eccentric music will have you on the dance floor in no time and whats cooler than dancing your way into a new year?

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Upcoming Parties at Blue Frog Pune

5. Penthouze

To begin your new year in kingsize. head to the Penthouze! Penthouze is the very definition of nightlife in Pune. Imagine a 110 foot long bar table. If that doesn't blow your mind, the trippy music and delicious savouries on this rooftop pub will definitely change your mind.

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Upcoming Parties at Penthouze