Massive 5 Star Venues You Need To Be At This New Years in Pune!

Posted on :
26 October 2017
Posted on :
26 October 2017

Looking to have a smashing New Year Parties in Pune? We've got the best 5 star venues listed out and you cannot miss these.

1. Kue Bar, Westin Pune

Image Credits: Facebook - Westin Pune

If you're looking one of the most stunner parties in town this year, then you need to be at Westin. The ambiance, the crowd and party vibes at Kue Bar at Westin, is sure to take you on a party high this new years! If you are a DJ lover, then you need to check out the line up some of the best DJ's in the city who show up to get the party going at Westin.

Upcoming Parties at Kue Bar

2. Taj Blue Diamond

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Taj gets to super crazy party levels starting with setting up massive theme parties, to great live DJ performances. Apart from this, they also bring in some of the best off their menue that goes perfect with a special drink for the evening. The party here at Taj is simply too awesome to be missed out on.

Upcoming Parties at Taj Blue Diamond

3. Ignite, Courtyard by Marriott

Image Credits: Facebook - Courtyard by Marriott

After hosting massive parties in the past, Courtyard is still just aiming at stepping up party standards in Pune city. Get the dust off your party shoes, because the dance floor here gets to you even before anything. You need to be at Ignite this New Years for a bash.

Upcoming Parties at Ignite

4. The Irish House

Image Credits: Facebook - The Irish House

Irish House is one of the party hubs in Pune. Having greatly attracted a huge party loving crowd, clearly you can trust your new year party plan with this. Thumping music, great food and drinks along with one of the happening dance floors, this is going to be an exciting experience if you've got 'smashing new years' on your mind!

Upcoming Parties at The Irish House

5. Hotel Novotel, Pune

Image Credits: Facebook - Hotel Novotel Pune

With a twist of elegance and ultimate party vibe, Hotel Novotel is known to host the massive parties that set party standards high for the city of Pune. In no time you'll be half way towards having a ball of a time party here. From a very tastefully picked menu, to having best DJ's setting the party on a groove and to the pool side view and ambiance, Novotel has the best in mind for your New Year party!

Upcoming Parties at Hotel Novotel

6. Hyatt, Pune

image Credits: Facebook - Hyatt Pune

Party at Hyatt is something you'll need to kick this new year off with an awesome bang! Classy party themes and crowd is sure to let you in on a great party experience in town. Hyatt also has some amazing drinks on the menu, specially crafted to just set a great party mood. The ambiance and well maintained surroundings sets a classy tinge to parties here!

Upcoming Parties at Hyatt Pune

7. Conrad, Pune

Image Credits: Facebook - Conrad, Pune

Amazing ambiance and food is just starters to what you would get to experience at the Conrad. Exotic picks on the food and drinks menu, and live music shows is sure to let you in on an epic New Year Party. The party is spread across various venues at the Conrad. Creative themes, special food & drinks.

Upcoming Parties at Conrad