5 Star Venues in Chennai You Need To Be At This New Years!

Posted on :
23 October 2017
Posted on :
23 October 2017
Grab your party shoes Chennai! This year it's going to be bigger and better. We're here with a list of stunner 5 Star venues that go massive during New Years. Here are the best

New Year Parties in Chennai.

1. Blend, Taj Club House

Image Credits: Facebook - Blend

The Blend at Taj Club is among the popular party hubs in the city. Even before you could realize, you're out there on the dance floor, grooving to the best DJ beats. To top it off, the classy food, drinks and crowd is sure to let you go party high in your own happy zone. Blend is also known to have hosted some stunner massive parties. You can only imagine what New Years holds. Don't miss out on the crazy party high that Blend is going to let you set the new year on.

Upcoming Parties at Blend

2. Winchester Bar, Raddison Blu

Image Credits: Facebook - Winchester Bar

Elegance of this place mostly just contradicts the mood when the party beats hit you. The variety of food and drinks at Winchester Bar are just going to let you soak in the party vibe till the amazing DJ beats sets you off into the party night. Thumping music, great ambiance and stunning party crowd, this place is sure to let you party into the new year with the perfect blend of fun and classy!

Upcoming Parties at Winchester Bar

3. The Flying Elephant, Park Hyatt

Image Credits: Facebook - The Flying Elephant

Tastefully picked drinks and food menu is just a starter to what you will experience at The Flying Elephant. After hosting some stunner parties in the city that have been topping charts, this place will be all set to blow your mind with one more of it's one of a kind loaded parties this New Year. If you're looking to enjoy a mindless fun party with your bunch, this is the best place you need to be at.

Upcoming Parties at The Flying Elephant

4. 365 AS, Hyatt Regency

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Hyatt has the perfect party buzzed pub to let you unwind and enjoy at. 365 AS is known for some of the best drinks on the menu and some out of the world Italian dishes like think crust Pizza. The place is also popular for its happening Happy Hours. With great energy and a great lineup of artists for live music, 365 AS hosts on of the best parties in town and is perfect for New Year's Eve.

Upcoming Parties 365 AS

5. Aqua, The Park

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A perfect rooftop party space that lets you catch a great view of the city is one of the most sought after venues by party lovers. Poolside dinners add to the classy ambiance and works for a super fun New Year bash along with the thumping music that Aqua is known for. Their food menu is unique so you need to try the variety of Kababs while you're here.

Upcoming Parties at Aqua

6. Chipstead - Taj Coromandel

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Chipstead is known for its fun loaded late night parties that go on till 3 AM. They have mind blowing cocktails, mocktails and some of the best food on the menu. They have a great dance floor that lets you dance the night away to some of the groovy beats by popular artists in the city. New Year at Chipstead is something you can look forward to be at.

Upcoming Parties at Chipstead

7. Gatsby 2000 - Crowne Plaza

Image Credits: Facebook - Gatsby 2000

Great drinks, food and a huge pack of fun that isn't limited, is just a few things you need to kick your weekend off with a party at Gatsby. The party vibe and heavy beats don't take a break here at Gatsby. As if massive party isn't enough, they seem to go out of their way to make your night count. The city's party freaks are looking out for this new years at Gatsby. You cannot miss this.

Upcoming Parties at Gatsby 2000

8. Pasha - The Park

Image Credits: Facebook - Pasha

Pasha has been raising party standards for the city for a while now. We don't think they are resting it anytime. You need to be at one of Pasha's super happening parties. Beyond a party experience, you're bound to be pushed to a party high that sets you off on a great note here at Pasha. The music is another noteworthy factors that would kick your party night high.

Upcoming Parties at Pasha

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