Cool It Off At These Awesome Ladies Night Parties in Chennai!

Posted on :
24 October 2017
Posted on :
24 October 2017

Crazy week? You need to be at one of these party places to take the load off your head! We've got the most happening Ladies Night in town listed so you can cool it all off. 

1. Q Bar

Image Credits: Facebook - Q Bar

As one of the most happening pubs in the city, Q Bar offers more than just a party. With fun loaded DJ, elite ambiance, scrumptious food and a fun crowd, this is one of the epic places to chill out on ladies night with your squad. The pool-side seating adds a whole another mood to the party. You just cannot afford to miss it.

2. Plan B

Image Credits: Facebook - Plan B

Wednesday Ladies Night at Plan B can be the best to take a load off your crazy week. The place has a perfect blend of party and comfort to let you feel home at a casual party. To top it off the food and the amazing cocktails, add to the mood. While you're there, try their sinfully delicious desserts.

3. Illusions

Image Credits: Facebook - Illusions

The club sets you on a party mood in no time, thanks to their ambiance and great crowd! If you are the type to party quick mid-week, then this is the right place. While the parties seem to end early, they are sure to leave you looking forward to the weekend already!

4. The Flying Elephant

Image Credits: Facebook - The Flying Elephant

Let's just call this one the perfect mid-week unwind! Starting with the stunning party ambiance, to the drinks and food, the Flying Elephant seems to beat the rest of parties to silence. Thumping music is just to keep you going for rounds of fun over and over again. You need to gather your squad!

5. Gatsby 2000

Image Credits: Facebook - Gatsby 2000

It cannot get better than this. Gatsby throws the most fun Ladies Night parties on Fridays! Featuring the best DJ's in town and a great party crowd, you're all set to bring the roof down with your lady squad here. Great drinks, food and fun that isn't limited is just a few things you need to kick your weekend off with a party at Gatsby. Did we miss to mention about the stunning ambiance? Well, that too.

6. 10 Downing Street

image Credits: Facebook - 10D

10D happens to be home to all the party lovers in Chennai. The place seems to transform and upgrade to beating party nights down with more music and fun. Groovy music is something 10D happens to master at. If you're looking to take the steam off a stressful work week? You need to grab your party shoes, your girl squad hit 10D for a fun ladies night party.

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