One Day Treks near Bangalore you need to get out and explore now!

Posted on :
16 October 2017
Posted on :
16 October 2017
We have the perfect spots you cna escape off to from the city, quickly! You cannot miss out on these one day treks if you are looking to be an explorer or just a fun one day group outing.

1. Ramnagara - 50 Kms

The scenic getaway is just at a distance of 50 Kms from Bangalore. The spot makes for a great one day trek, a quick getaway from the city. The trek along the hill shows the perfect view that is very popular among photographers. A 3 Kilometer trek happens to be a great start for a first time trekker.

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2. BR Hills - 60 Kms

This is also one of the highest in along the Kanakapura ranges. Ranganathaswamy hill trek is a moderately difficult level trek that scales up to a 3780 ft. The hills is just 60 Kilometers away from Bangalore. This is one of the most ideal trekking spots for a quick weekend trek.

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3. Makalidurga - 60 Kms

The Makalidurga fort is about 1, 350 mts above sea level, and houses a temple of Lord Shiva. According to the legends Rishi Markandeya performed penance there. It’s an easy trek with a moderate level elevation. Anyone can join in this trek. Even the first timers who are looking to test the water of trekking are encouraged to try this trek. The best season for trekking is September till March.

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4. Madhugiri - 60 Kms

If you are an adventure enthusiast and regard to spend the weekend going on trekking, Madhugiri Hill will be the perfect choice for you. It stands tall with a height of 3930 feet. Madhugiri is known as the second largest monolith in Asia after Savandurga Hills. For both professional and amateur night trekkers, this extremely popular hill offers challenging and adventurous trails.  Madhugiri Hills is at the distance of 106 KM from Bangalore city.

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5. Kanakapura - 60 Kms

Just about 60 Kms from a crowded Bangalore city is Kanakapura, a perfect spot for camping. The spot works for a perfect nature stay, small treks, camping and adventure activities. Nature camp at Kanakapura, provides great accommodation and activities for group outings and camps out in the wild.

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6. Savandurga - 60 Kms

The summit of Savandurga trek is an amazing place for camping. Cave exploring is another attraction for adventure lovers. The Arkavathi river passes nearby through the Thippagondanahalli reservoir and on towards Manchanabele Dam. There are many water sports organized on the dam. Savandurga is in the night trekking is an exhilarating experience and catching sunrise from the peak is breathtaking.

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7. Skandagiri - 61 Kms

An absolute delight for bird watchers and trekkers, Skandagiri is also called as Kalavara Durga. During the trek, the trekkers get to explore 2 caves. It is one of the best sports to watch sunrise and has trekkers visit through the weekend. An 8 Kilometer trek shows the best trails for an early morning trek or a night trek especially if it's a full moon night. Sunrise seen from the top is breathtaking. 

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8. Devarayana Durga - 70 Kms

At an altitude of 3940 ft, the trek is quite a great adventure perfect for nature lovers. Every elevation along the way that leads up to the peak, either has an old temple or a calm, beautiful spring surrounding. The hill station also hosts one of the famous natural water springs, Namada Chilume. There are also other springs like Jaya Thirtha, Rama Thirtha, Dhanus thirtha that rise out of the hill. To add to the fun, there are also old caves with sculptures, that trekkers can explore while on the trek.

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9. Narayanagiri - 70 Kms

The hill is not really far from Bangalore, it’s about 20 Kilometers from Ramanagara to be precise. Th hill also has a Laxmi Narayana temple that the trekkers can explore. This is also one of the ideal spots for group treks. On reaching the base of the hill at midnight takes two and a half hours to trek up the hill. One reaching the peak you can set up tents and camp out with a fun bonfire session too. By early morning you can descend after exploring the Narayanagiri Temple.

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10. Anthargange - 80 Kms

Anthargange is formed of Volcanic rocks which creates cave like structures amidst the rocks. The name of the place refers to a perennial spring that is found near the Kashi Vishweshwara temple on the mountain range.  The major attraction of this trail are the cave like formation and the natural springs that emerge out of nowhere. These make for a perfect cave explorations.

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11. Kabbaladurga - 80 Kms

About 80 Kilometers away from the city of Bangalore, Kabbaladurga is among the scenic trekking spots. The place is also known for night treks. The trek up the hill is 3 Kilometers but is also a very interesting climb throughout. Kabbaladurga also has some great view points that show stretches of the other Kanakpura Ranges along the area.

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12. Avalabetta - 100 Kms

Avalabetta is one of the most beautiful offbeat trekking spots near Bangalore. Half way drive up the hill and a climb of 100 odd steps lead you to the summit that is perfect to catch a sunrise. At just 100 Kms from Bangalore, Avalabetta is a great one day trekking spot. The hanging cliff is why Avalabetta is known for as one of the most challenging viewpoints. Makes a great quick plan for nature and adventure lovers.

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13. Channarayana Durga - 100 Kms

About 100 Kms from Bangalore is the old Channarayana Durga. The moderate trek shows a great trail and old fort structure from the 17th Century. The beutiful trail along the trek leads up to a great view point atop the hill. Catch the panaromic view of the landscape near by with just a short trek up. 

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14. Bheemeshwari - 110 Kms

If you are a wildlife lover or an avid birdwatcher, then Bheemeshwari is your best one day trip option. A scenic place with a lot of activities you can enjoy through the day. With interesting activities like fishing, boating, camping and even a bit of trekking, this scenic small town is one of the best off-beat ways to spend a day outside the city.

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15. Kunti Betta - 125 Kms

For trekking enthusiasts and night camping admirers, Kunti Betta is a blessed retreat choice. With multiple trails for trekking and incredible views of nature in all directions makes this place ideal for night trek and watching the sunrise from atop the hill is just amazing. Not just hiking, Kunti Betta also offers water sports activities like swimming and kayaking. From Bangalore, Kunti Betta is just 124 KM away.

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