Top Gadgets & Gear You Need To Upgrade For Your Next Camping Trip!

Posted on :
18 September 2017
Posted on :
18 September 2017

In a big, bad city, the call of the wild can get quite intense, especially in the middle of the week before a long weekend. For most of us though, taking the camping route can seem a bit daunting. The lack of creature comforts, because of which, we frequently do not opt for the simpler pleasures of pitching a tent and roughing it out in the great outdoors.

However, with the right prep and equipment, camping can be an ideal adventure experience. The trick is in finding your own balance in roughing it out and seeking your comforts. At Bragpacker, we always believe that the right equipment can really help you in upgrading your experience. Here are some innovative, up and coming gear suggestions that can really help keep you safe and comfortable without diluting the essential experience of camping.

1. Mosquito Zapper Light:

Yes, we just read your mind. Monsoon and mosquitos go hand in hand and can ruin your camping experience completely. The Mosquito Zapper Lanterns give you the light you need in the tent and also have a very effective zapper that attracts and zaps mosquitoes. These things are still compact, have rechargeable inbuilt batteries and is also waterproof. This is a must have product for any tent to ensure a good night’s sleep.

2. Headlamp:

Call them torches for smart people. Providing you with hands free light on your night treks or even a visit to the loo. No need to shove the torch in your mouth when fiddling with the pyjamas. These headlamps provide a lot of light, have rechargeable batteries and importantly, have a blinking mode that can send out a distress signal to your group.

3. Mini Infrared Motion Sensor / Alarm:


These nifty little things are tiny but do their job beautifully. If you are out in the woods in an independent camp, security is always a concern. Hang the sensor outside your tent and it will detect any person or animal movement approaching the tent and sound a 120dB (that’s very loud) alarm.

The alarm is loud enough to alert you and potentially scare of the intruder. It also has a built in LED light and is no bigger than a keychain. This same device can also be used as a motion detection alarm to keep with your valuables/backpack – it will sound an alarm if the bag is moved and opened!

4. Packing Cubes:

If you have not heard of these, prepare to be amazed at the simplicity with which these solve a major packing problem. These packing cubes enable you to pack all your clothes and undergarments in a compressible pouch, to reduce the space required by more than half.

It has two sections, to separate your used and clean clothes and is also waterproof. These are lifesavers when you want to pack light and keep it organized.

5. 360 Degree Camera:

Taking the right photography gear is certainly very important. Most times your mobile phone may do but you will struggle to take great night time shots with it. Night sky photography requires a DSLR with a good wide angle lens.

Might we also suggest the newest kid on the block, the Insta360 Air VR camera. It practically lets you take an epic 360 degree photo/video of the awesomeness around with your phone. It’s compact, super easy to use and eminently share worthy on social media.

6. Portable Showers:

Lack of modern plumbing is one of the main stress factors for people when it comes to camping. However, getting a nice little shower after a grimy day out is very easy to arrange.

These camping solar showers enable this very efficiently – fill them up with water, pump it a little bit and you can have pressured water for a nice shower in minutes. Keep the filled up pouch out under the sun to heat the water. Makes for a perfect shower, anywhere under the sky.

7. Hammock:

Is there anything more relaxing than lazing in a hammock under the sky, surrounded by greenery? Take full advantage of the trees around you and find a relaxing spot to set up these hammocks. These are easy to set up, two trees no more than 4 meters apart helps. They are compact and lightweight to carry.

These simple gadgets not only keep you comfortable but are also safe, without adding bulk to your packing or being obtrusive to your camping experience.

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