Independence Day in Delhi, 2016

Posted on :
1 August 2016
Posted on :
1 August 2016

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Well hello long weekend! While Delhi has the most exciting and massive celebration in the Country, find your way to enjoy the day. You do not want to get stuck on the crowded streets and missing out all the fun things you could do this Independence Day in Delhi. Here are some great ways to either be in the city or just take that quick escape route!

1. Independence Day in Kasol

Image Credits: Tripster

Well, why stay in a pretty cramped up city when you can escape right off to Kasol and enjoy all the goodness? Tripster is all set to help you make the most of the Independence Day this year. A whole perfect itinerary has been charted out. This includes enjoying a walk to the Parvaty River, a trek to Kheerganga and then to Tosh to catch some lovely view. Hurry! This could be the best way to spend a long weekend and of course with some like minded people.

When: Friday, 12th August 2016

Where: Kasol

Fee: Rs.4900 onwards. Register here.

2. Breakfast Ride with the Rolling Twoos

Image Credits: Rolling Twoos

You could spend the first Sunday of the month on an absolute fun breakfast ride with some amazing people! There can't be a better way to start the Freedom Month, ride though NH1. Getaway from the city, catch up on some great riding stories over breakfast and get ready for the fun long weekend that lies ahead. 

When: Sunday, 7th August (5:00 AM)

Where: NH1, Delhi-Chandigarh Highway

For more details, Check Event

3. Nation Salute Ride - Royal Mavericks

Image Credits: Royal Mavericks

Uniting for a brave salute with a ride, the Royal Mavericks is organising a Nation Salute Ride for all the proud Royal Enfield riders. A ride of an approximate 60 kilometre, early on 15th August morning, the riders will be set to mark salute along Chokhi Dhani, Sonipat, Geeta Colony, Pushta road and Kashmiri Gate. The riders will meet at Indraprastha Millennium Park, Gate No 1, Near Sarai Kaley Khan Bus Terminal, for quick briefing about the ride and a time of breakfast later.

When: Monday, 15th August (5:00 AM)

Where: Indraprastha Millennium Park, Gate No 1, Near Sarai Kaley Khan Bus Terminal.

Fee: Rs. 300. Register here.

4. 15th August - Independence Day Ride

Image Credits: Events High

Another fun event for your Independence day morning. Catch some amazing sights of the city, packed with national events and patriotic crowds going about planning for the day. The ride starts at 6:00 AM. Participants are required to be on a dress code of white and blue. What better start to the day in Gurgaon?

When: Monday, 15th August. (6:00 AM)

Where: Sector 14, Gurgaon

For more details, Check Event.

5. Long Weekend Special- Delhi

Image Credits: Thirilophilia

Just to free your soul, pack and leave! Thrillophilia lets you choose your adventure for a long weekend this Independence Day. Escape off into the wild, trek up a hill, and while you're on it, of course you will appreciate our Nation and mother nature.

When: Saturday, 13th August

Where: Delhi.

Register here.

6. Kite Flying with the experts at DLF Promenade

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Make the day fun, colourful and nostalgic by flying kites with some of the best Kite Flyers who have represented India in various International Kite festivals. Jamaluddin and Aminuddin, among the best would be there to sport up the scene!

When: 15th August 2016

Where: DLF Promenade, Nelson Mandela Road

For more details, Check Event.

7. Independence Day Ride- Blood Donation Cause

Image Credits: Independence day ride- Blood donation cause- Events High

As a way of a tribute to the Indian Army, celebrate this Independence Day with the Indian Army Infantry Unit, Delhi Cant. A ride to the Army Unit, for an early morning flag hoist followed by breakfast with the Army, to show the support, appreciation and how much we as the citizens of India are grateful for their work. Riders who are willing to donate blood will move to the army base hospital from there. 

When: Monday, 15th August (6:00 AM)

Where: Indian Army Infantry Unit, Delhi

For more details, Check Event.

8. Independence Day Ride with Royal Enfield Khan Market

Image Credits: Royal Enfield Khan Market- Events High

A ride on Sunday morning (14th August), the Sunday before Independence day. A ride to the Heritage Transport Museum in Gurgaon through Khan Market. Riders are requested to bring up creative ways of adding the tri-colour flag to their dress code of black t-shirt and blue jeans. A ride of about 130 Kilometers, is going to help create great memories for you if you are an enthusiastic rider looking for some good adventure during the long weekend.  

When: Sunday, 14th August

Where: Royal Enfield Khan Market, Delhi

For more details, Check Event.

9. Independence Day Week at Buzzaria Dukaan

Image Credits: Buzzaria- Events High

Celebrating a little more than just colours, Buzzaria welcomes a new logo of their own along with a whole munch  of hand loom products for the Independence Week. Apart from this they are going to be showcasing a whole fun set of Rakhi's this year. You cannot miss out on these and the special surprises that are lined up for the customers throughout this week. Am entire day of celebrations letting the customers share a huge part of their joy, 11th August will be the main day of celebration. Enthusiastic customers can join Buzzaria with their celebration of their new tricolour logo, by dressing up in any tricolour combination.

When: Thursday, 11th August

Where: Buzzaria, Near Crescent Mall, Lado PokemongoSarai, Delhi

For more details, Check Event.

10. PokemonGo 1857 Trail : Independence Day Special

Image Credits: Events High

Taking Pokemon Go-ers a walk right through the ridge, Hidden-Pocket is out with their second Pokemon Go walk. Except this time, adding to the history buff in you. The ridge that the group will be walking through, has famous history of being a part of the Revolt of 1857. With a little bit of history and a great time being amidst historical archaeology, the walk also has an important part, Pokemon hunting! Check out how many of them are out there, waiting for you chase them through some history and fun. Go catch 'em all!

When: Wednesday, 17th August (10:30 AM)

Where: Civil Lines, North Delhi.

Fee: Rs.150. Register here.