Get Ready For Top Obstacle Races in India

Posted on :
8 September 2017
Posted on :
8 September 2017

Looking for some adventure, challenge and fun all in one? Get yourself onto one of these Obstacle Races across the country and you're all set to experience the most fun while still facing challenges. You can expect fun challenges that lets you push your limits to get the best out you. You cannot miss out on these challenging adventure thrill Obstacle Races in the country if you're a true Adventure Junkie!

1. Devils Circuit - India

Image Credits: Facebook - Devils Circuit

Launching the first of its kind in 2012, Devils Circuit is among the biggest Obstacle Race. The race is generally a 5Kms racing through 15 military style obstacles. There are also competitive and non-competitive categories that the participants can sign up for. Competitive category is monitored by a timed-chip for runners who wish to challenge themselves along with other competitive runners. The non-competitive category is simply for adventure junkies who are up for some fun time trying to get through the obstacles. This category is open for ages ranging 16 - 76 years who are not runners too. 

Vertical climb, traverse wall, timber trawl and brain freeze are obstacles participants will be facing to name a few. Devils Circuit Junior lets children participate to experience the challenging race. With the event just around the corner, this is the right time if you’re looking to experience this challenging thriller race, that lets you push yourself for the best.

At the end of the run, every participant is officially a 'Devil Slayer' as the run terms it. To make that a real celebration there would be an after-party, with shiny medals and beer definitely!

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2. The Battleram - Karnataka

Image Credits: Facebook - The Battleram

The 5 KM obstacle run is here to put your physical and mental strength to test. Practically pushing the limits through some grueling obstacles along the way, The Battleram is going to let you try your hands at facing challenges. These are simply going to leave you wanting more. 

Some of the obstacles that you might find along this 5Kms Obstacle Run include slush run, monkey bar, atlas run and trial by fire. Adding to these will be parabola, tyre run, barbwire crawl.

3. The Mud Rush - Mumbai

Image Credit: The Mud Rush

As one of the popular obstacle races in Mumbai, Mudrush organizes one of the super competitive event of its kind in India. They organize 2 kinds of runs. A Dream Run and A Pro Run. 

Dream Run is simply the mud run that seems to be the favorite among the runners. The run through mud pit & hay bales for about 7K is something runners look forward to. The run is not about racing through, the focus is mainly on finishing the tasks. 

A Pro Race is a 10K obstacle run. As one of the most tough and competitive run, the run focuses on mental and physical strength of the participant.

4. Rocksport Challenge

Image Credits: Facebook - Rocksport Challenge

Rocksport Challenge started out as the first Obstacle Race in India. The activity was focused on helping with team building and letting them build great team ethics. The run let's adventure enthusiasts put their physical and mental strength to test along the race.

Rocksport Challenge Open is the event organized by Rocksport Challenge annually. The event is open to anyone above 10 years of age to participate. As one of the most competitive challenge sports, the event, the 3K run has a set of obstacles that the participant needs to get through and win.

5. Spartan Race - India

Image Credits: Facebook - Spartan Race India

Going by an old adage that goes along the idea that one wouldn’t know if the challenges are worth being faced for what they want, the obstacles at the Spartan Race pushes and lets the participant work towards the results they want. Having been the popular Obstacle Races in India, their challenges keep upgrading to let the participants discover better of themselves along the way.

What started as an International event, now has an India Chapter that lets the participants be a part of one of the biggest obstacle race communities globally.

6. Ruggedian Obstacle Run - Pune

Image Credits: Facebook - Ruggedian Obstacle Run

The obstacle run of about 7.5 Kms has about 15 or more obstacles along the way. Challenges vary according to the age groups of the participants. These are designed perfectly to push the participants to simply get the best out of them at the end of it. The run, to make things more interesting is a timed chip one. There is also a fun category race that lets the participants experience this gripping race at the leisure of their own time of fun. 

7. Mumbai Bubble Dash - Mumbai

Image Credits: Facebook - Fit I Am

A 2.5 Km and 5 Kms run, that is going to be the most fun experience if happening in Mumbai for the very first time. Participants can run, walk, dance and have a jolly good time along the course where they will also find different colorful foam station at different points along the track. The run is open to all age groups including kids and senior citizens, both runners and non-runners. The after-party after this already fun run is something you wouldn't want to miss.

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*Featured Image Courtesy: Facebook - Devils Circuit