Explore The Most Popular Treks in South India this long weekend!

Posted on :
17 August 2017
Posted on :
17 August 2017
There's one more long weekend and we still think you should be out there exploring some of the best and popular treks in South India. These are the perfect picks for Monsoon and true adventure junkies cannot miss this!

1. Nandi Hills

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60Km from bangalore, known for its sunset view, a famous joint for bikers and trekkers alike. Here’s a location where tourism prevails, with many hotels for overnight stay. Two different trek routes  reach the top view point. It’s not very strenuous and completely worthwhile! 

Distance from Bangalore  - 60 km

Difficulty Level -  Easy

Trekking Length - 2 km

Altitude - 4849 ft

Best Season - All year

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2. Skandagiri

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A panoramic view of the mountain range around, including the famed Nandi Hills. Located 70km from Bangalore and about 1350 m high. It consists of an 8km trek through a rugged route and ancient temple walls. 

Distance from Bangalore  - 70 km

Difficulty Level - moderate

Trekking Length - 8 km

Altitude - 1350 m

Best Season - November to February

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3. Anthargange

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A perfect chance to experience the marvellous idea of  a night trek, Look out for the rare nocturnal sights and the picturesque night sky view from the peak. Relish in the rays of the sun and enjoy the surreal sunrise view. This amazing experience awaits you, and only a mere 70km distance from bangalore

Distance from Bangalore - 70 km

Difficulty Level - Easy

Trekking Length - 3 to 4 km

Altitude - 1712 m 

Best Season - All year

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4. Ramanagara

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Another pristine trekking spots, Ramanagar is 55km  from Bangalore. It is well situated and one of the best experiences around the region. Known for the reptiles found around, it’s a hub for wildlife lovers.

Distance from Bangalore - 55 km

Difficulty Level - Medium

Trekking Length - 3 km

Altitude - 3066 ft

Best Season - Monsoon

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5. Kabala Durga

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Kabala Durga is also a part of the Kanakapura ranges. The peak hits up to a 2090 ft and includes one of the most adventurous trek routes. A 80kms distance from bangalore, makes it ideal for a day trip. 

Distance from Bangalore  - 80 km

Difficulty Level - Moderate

Trekking Length - 2 km

Altitude - 2090 ft

Best Season - September

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6. Makalidurga

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Situated a mere 60kms from bangalore, is one of the most challenging treks but offers some of the best breathtaking views. There are a number of attraction on the way including the train track and the fort. 

Distance from Bangalore  - 60 km

Difficulty Level - Moderate

Trekking Length - 4 to 5 km

Altitude - 4430 ft

Best Season - September to February

7. Madhugiri

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Madhugiri is the second largest monolith in Asia scaling up to 3,930 ft. The ruins of the Gopalakrishna Temple at the peak is  well known. A day trip option given its 60 kms distance from Bangalore. The perfect combination of activity and history.

Distance from Bangalore - 60 km

Difficulty Level - moderate to difficult

Altitude - 3930 ft

Best Season - October to March

8. Ranganathaswamy Betta

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Also known as the  Bilikal Ranganathaswamy Betta, it offers an exquisite trek experience with a treat of a stunning view at the top.  Enjoy the lush green foliage on your way up. The climb scales up to a 3780 ft, and 60 Km from the city of Bangalore. 

Distance from Bangalore  - 60 km

Difficulty Level - moderate

Trekking Length - 4 to 5 km

Altitude - 3780 ft

Best Season - october to may

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9. Kumara Parvatha

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Situated a little further away from Bangalore (220 Km)  but offers an even better trek, being the third tallest peak in Karnataka. It is a 15 Kms trek through the forests of Pushpagiri and is one of the best treks in southern India.

Distance from Bangalore - 220 km

Difficulty Level - Difficult

Trekking Length - 15 km

Altitude - 1712 Mts.

Best Season - October to February

10. Nishani Motte

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Explore another one of Coorg’s hidden treasures through this trek up to 4100 ft over a 15 Km trail. Coorg offers many other sites of attraction. Make your way up there from Bangalore through a 250 km path.

Distance from Bangalore - 250 km

Difficulty Level - difficult

Trekking Length - 15 km

Altitude - 4100 ft

Best Season - July to September

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11. Brahmagiri

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Looking for a challenging trek? Then this is your next spot! Situated with the lush forests of Wayanad and Kodagu, this is the path to the most remarkable views of the Brahmagiri mountain range. Only about 270 km from Bangalore is this 5270 ft tall peak.

Distance from Bangalore - 270 km

Difficulty Level - Easy to moderate

Trekking Length - 6 km

Altitude - 5270 ft

Best Season - December to April

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12. Bheemeshwari Hills

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A leisure picturesque 5km trek perfect for a one day tour with friends or family. Take this day to bond or catchup right about 110 km from the city of Bangalore.

Distance from Bangalore  - 110 km

Difficulty Level - Easy to Moderate

Trekking Length - 5 km

Altitude - 419 Mts.

Best Season - December to March

13. Kodachadri

4400 ft, 12 kms and Mookambika temple all on your way up to have the ultimate scenic views from the top of Kodachadri. A long drive about 278 kms from bangalore, lets you rest well for this trek!

Distance from Bangalore - 278 km

Difficulty Level - Moderate

Trekking Length - 12 km

Altitude - 4400 ft

Best Season - Monsoon

14. Kudremukh

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As one of the difficult and long treks, Kudremukh practically pushes you and keeps you asking for more of those stunning views. This is also the best trek if you looking to get that adrenaline rush going. Located 331 km from Bangalore and through the astoundingly beautiful Kudremukh National Park, Kudremukh also includes the experience of wildlife spotting.

Distance from Bangalore - 331 km

Difficulty Level - Moderate

Trekking Length - 9 km

Altitude - 1893 m

Best Season - July to February

15. Netravali

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A strenuous trek up and down, but worthwhile once you’ve reached the waterfall. Located in Sanguem Taluka in Eastern Goa. High up at about 602 Ft. This is a must see for any nature lover. The quaint peaceful stream along the way adds to the experience.

Distance from Goa - 30 km

Difficulty Level - Difficult 

Trekking Time - 2 hours

Altitude - 602 ft

Best Season - August to March

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16. Munnar

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Munnar is particularly a combination of trekking, camping, swimming and mountaineering and many more adventure activities! Keep the adventure going fun filled naturalistic location close from the neighboring cities of Bangalore and Chennai. Trek from Kodaikanal to Munnar through an 18 Km dense forest route, makes for a perfect adventure fun.

Distance from Chennai - 586 km

Difficulty Level - Easy

Trekking Length - 18 km

Altitude - 8842 ft (highest peak)

Best Season - Monsoon

17. Nilgiris

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Through the mountains into the dense forests and unknown vegetation. An insight into the life of a bravado, enjoy this short trip in the wilderness and uncover the hidden natural beauties. Challenge yourself and have an amazing time! 

Distance from Chennai - 576 Km

Difficulty Level - Moderate to Difficult

Trekking Length - 6 Km

Altitude - 2637 Mts.

Best Season - All Year

18. Tamdi Surla Waterfall

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Amidst the well known Bhagwan Mahveer Sanctury lies this picturesque waterfall. Enjoy the dense foliage around with its unique flora. See the untouched rapids, and find your heaven on Earth. 

Distance from Goa - 39 km

Difficulty Level - Easy to Medium

Altitude - 1017 ft

Best Season - Monsoon

19. Dudhsagar falls

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The four tiered fall, bordering Karnataka and Goa is where the breathtaking view can be seen. From an enormous height of 1017ft, the Dudhsagar Falls, also known as the ‘sea of milk’ falls below forming a sight to remember. Find your way to the mystical junction this monsoon! 

Distance from Bangalore  - 600 Kms

Difficulty Level - Moderate

Trekking Length - 13 to 14 kms

Altitude - 310 m

Best Season - July to December

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20.  Khajaguda

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If you’re a beginner to the world of trekking, this the right place for you to start. 1 km away from West Durgam Cheruvu, it’s the perfect place for you to do some bouldering and and camping. Many groups even started zip lining and rappelling events. A more all round and fun filled event! 

Distance from Hyderabad - 16 km

Difficulty Level - Easy

Trekking Time - 3.5 hours

Altitude - 1791 ft

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21. Kakkabe

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Another breathtaking villages situated in Coorg is the village of Kakkabe. It is the perfect getaway with temples and a palace. Proudly homed to also the highest peak in Coorg, and the second highest in all Karnataka, Thadiyandamol, at  5730 feet. Trek through the rain-forest with the wide range of flora and fauna flanking you on both sides.

Distance from Bangalore - 267 km

Difficulty Level - Moderate

Trekking Length - 4 km

Altitude - 5730 ft

Best Season - Monsoon

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