F for Failure but also Funny, Fast-forward to Future: Stand up comedy show - With Jagdish Chaturvedi

Posted on :
20 May 2017
Posted on :
20 May 2017

Being a doctor is serious business but here’s an ENTertaining doctor who’s impactful with his dosage of comedy. Dr Jagdish Chaturvedi firmly believes laughter is the best medicine; and like all medicines laughter too should be delivered by doctors.

Laughter helps folks unwind, destress, let go of negative feelings and improve one’s general well-being. Dr Chaturvedi helps his audience and in turn also helps himself of all the above positives while performing stand-up comedy.  When the Doctor’s in the house, there’s no shortage for laughs. He proclaims to have an inherent impulsive nature & supernatural power to mess things up, which leads to interesting (and even embarrassing) situations. These situational narratives drawn from real life when shared on stage, helps the audience connect to him personally, warm up easily and laugh heartily. 

Not just the audience but even patients feel comfortable in discussing issues with him as humor makes him friendly, approachable and accessible. Well, too approachable in some situations when the audience decides to conveniently turn into patients.  There have been instances where after-show greeters make him an onstage treater, where he had to do consultations and give prescriptions in public view. He claims wittily that he has gotten more patients, surgeries and lots of laughs definitely.

1. The F Word

His upcoming comedy show is F for Failure; whose proceedings will be donated to NIMHANS for the promotion of depression care.  But ask him how could Failure be an appealing theme in a success-driven world and he replies that its rapid failing that leads to rapid improvements and even robust inventions, like in his case. Blessed with qualities like putting action-before-thought and a knack of failing, he had anticipated limited growth and options; but surprisingly it brought him only good fortune. Making mistakes, he says, has helped him face & overcome difficult situations, gain confidence and increase self-esteem.  He further adds that, this insight into the importance of mistakes and failures has kept him grounded and made him stronger. This special stand-up comedy performance would propagate this message that mistakes and failures help you move forward towards a better future. 

Speaking about the cause #standupfordepression -  The show aims to change the perspective towards failures and mistakes as the first step towards curbing Depression since failures are often the triggers for Depression and low-self-esteem. 

Dr Chatruvedi is also the author of "Inventing medical devices: A perspective from India" that shares his failures as a medical device innovator and the latest "The benefits of failing successfully" (of which the audience would receive a free copy) that shares failures in general. Both books are presented in a light-hearted manner. 

2. Info about the Show

F for Failure is sponsored by Deccan Herald and supported by NIMHANS.

Catch Dr Chatruvedi bring the house down and Laugh for Cause #standupfordepression

On: Sat, 3 Jun 2017 6:00PM - 7:00PM

At : NIMHANS Convention Centre, Hall B

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