Best Waterfalls Around Bangalore

Posted on :
3 April 2017
Posted on :
3 April 2017

Looking for some weekend relaxation- How about the chorus of water to put you at ease?  Get to the hills where waterfalls abound and surround Bangalore.  Enjoy the mighty and magnificent beauty of water gushing, swishing and breathtaking.

Check out the best waterfalls around Bangalore for a weekend break or an extended stay. 

1. Muthyala Maduvu Falls

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Muthyalamaduvu is nestled in a valley amidst hills. The waterfalls which is formed by thin jets of water which spurts down from the height of 90 meters. The drops of water scattered from the rock surfaces appears like scattering pearls, hence the name.  

Distance from Bangalore: About 45 kms

Location:  It’s in the edge of Bannerghatta National Park.

Best time to visit:  August to November

2. Chunchi Falls

Formed by river Arkavati, Chunchi falls is 6 kms before the river’s confluence with River Kaveri at Sangama. It’s a short trek on uneven terrain to reach the falls located a little away from the road. Though a small waterfall; it’s a charming, cascading beauty worth a day trip. 

Distance from Bangalore: About 90 kms

Location:  Kankapura taluk, en route to Sangama.

Best time to visit:  August to November

3. Mekedaatu Falls

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River Arkavati meets Kaveri at Sangama or the confluence. About 3.5 kilometers downstream, the river, which is more than 150 meters wide at the confluence, flows through a hardly 10-meter-wide gorge , so narrow that a goat could leap over it and so the name Mekedatu or goat’s leap (in Kannada).

Distance from Bangalore: 95 kms

Location:  35kms from Kanakapura

Best season to visit: November to February

4. Hogenakkal Falls

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The Niagara of India, Hogenakkal in Kannada is hoge (smoke) + kal (rock) which refers to the smoky appearance of the water as it falls on the rocks. It’s River Kaveri plunging down stony ground, as she enters Tamil Nadu border. Swimming and coracle riding is popular here. 

Distance from Bangalore: 180 km 

Location: 46km from Dharmapuri

Best season to visit: post-monsoons

5. Bharachukki and Gaganachukki Waterfalls

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The Kaveri River makes its way through the stony landscape of the Deccan Plateau and drops off in the form of the Shivanasamudram Falls,  is also the location of one of the first Hydro-electric Power stations in Asia. The small-town of Shivanasamudra being an island splits the river into two waterfalls Barachukki and Gaganchukki. There is a watchtower at Shivanasamudra which provides splendid views of the Gaganachukki falls. A coracle ride at the bottom of the falls is a must do.

Distance from Bangalore: 120 kms

Location: 30kms from Malavalli, Mandya District

Best season to visit: July to October.

6. Irupu Falls

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In the Brahmagiri Range of Kodagu District , the river Lakshmana Theertha drops from a height of 170 feet through several stages  amidst thick forest, making it a popular tourist attaraction. It’s also pilgrimage spot that attracts many devotees , especially on Shivaratri Day, to the  Rameshwara temple situated on the banks of the river. 

Distance from Bangalore: 248 kms

Location: 20 km from Nagarhole National Park

Best season to visit: September to December

7. Abbey Falls

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Nestled in Madikeri , Coorg District Abbey Falls is situated amidst private coffee plantations. A short trek downhill through thick coffee bushes and pepper vines leads you to the gushing falls that cascades down 70 feet and provides a perfect picture spot. A hanging bridge just across the gorge allows a close view  and a soak from the falls, just be cautious of the slippery surface. 

Distance from Bangalore: 270km

Location: 7 km from Madikeri 

Best season to visit: September to January

8. Jog Falls

Jog Falls near Sagara on the Shimoga and Uttara Kannada district border drops from 253 m (830 ft) making it the second-highest plunge waterfall in India. The waterfall is segmented into Four cascades, referred as Raja, Rani, Rover and Rocket that merge to form the huge waterfall on the Sharavathi river. Watkins Platform  is the most popular spot to witness the splendor of the falls and the surrounding areas.

Distance from Bangalore:  375 kms

Location:  About 28 km from Sagar

Best season to visit: August to January