Follow These 9 Rules To Create The Perfect Blog Post

Posted on :
28 July 2016
Posted on :
28 July 2016

With the growing demand for content, more and more content writers are being hired by big corporations to create and promote content that is relevant to their website. This requires creation of posts or articles on a daily basis. These posts may talk about a particular brand, place or topic or discuss what's trending on the social media.

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If you are a content writer or wish to freelance for a firm, here are a few things that might help you in creating a good post.  

1. Understanding your topic- Before you start typing what's in your mind, researching the internet or reading up on what you are supposed to write may help you create good content that is accurate. 

2. Knowing your audience-  Thinking from a reader's perspective can not only help you connect with the reader but also give you a clear idea about the direction of your content. 

3. Creating content that is appealing to everyone- Since anyone can read your post, you should focus on making it more appealing. The person reading it, must scroll down and read the entire post. 

4. Using high resolution images- Not everyone on the internet is a voracious reader. Using good quality images between your posts helps the reader stay interested in the post. The images have to relate to what you are writing about. Make sure you find images from websites that do not have copyright issues. And when you take images from a website give image credits. 

5. Give proper credits to the images- Give credits to the website where you found the image. Simply write 'credits- Name of the website/blog' and hyperlink the text with the link of the website. You can do all this in MS Word.

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6. Writing a good introduction-  Making sure the introduction is attractive and builds up to the rest of the content, ensures that the reader will click on the link when it appears on the social media platforms.

7. Using an attractive headline and feature image- The few words can tell people something about your post and give them a reason to click on your link. Since images play a crucial role in getting clicks on any link, using good quality image for your feature picture may help. 

8. Being your own grammar police- As your write up is going to appear on a website that deals with professionals, make sure your grammar and sentence formation is correct. 

9. Getting your facts right- Your posts have to be factually correct. A reader should not feel your content contains incorrect information.