Want To Fast-Track Your Career In The Industry? This Product Management Seminar Will Surely Help You Out

Posted on :
12 January 2017
Posted on :
12 January 2017

The job market keeps progressing and new sectors grow every year. Every market is made by a combination of several sectors and today we are going to talk about a seminar that is going to cover some of the hottest trends in the industry right now. 

This month, Delhi is going to host a seminar aimed to help professionals working in the service sectors or product management, accelerate the growth in their careers. We got in touch with the organizers and got to know more about this seminar on product management, the speakers and several reasons why you should be a part of it. 

Here is everything you need to know and our quick conversation with the  organizers of the event.

A little brief about the seminar and product management - 

Product Managers are the new hot commodity in the technology product world. They integrate technology, user experience and business skills into a single role. Known as the "CEO of the Product", famous product managers such as Steve Jobs, Sundar Pichai and Elon Musk have gone on to launch multi-billion dollar products that have changed the way we live and work.

The Institute of Product Leadership is Asia's only B-School focused on product management training for mid-career professionals.

Although product management is still in its infancy in India, technology companies in India are waking up to the necessity of this role, as they move from a service focus to a focus on creating products that delight customers in India and abroad.

Past speakers from industry - 

Ram Narayanan, Head of Products,

EBay India

Amit Phadnis, Site Leader and Head of Engineering, Cisco India
Saran Chatterjee, CEO of Housejoy
Ranjit Radhakrishnan, Chief Products Officer of
Ambarish Kenghe, Head of Products at Myntra
Senior IPL faculty including Prof. Pinkesh Shah, Prof. Rahul Abhyankar, Prof. Tathagat Verma and Prof. Andrew Bean.

Topics to be discussed in the seminar- 

The topics of the seminar revolve around areas of interest for product leaders such as innovation, strategy and leadership skills. As the audience will be aspiring product managers, or product managers seeking help with structure and frameworks that will help them in their jobs, the panel discussion will veer around a similar theme.

Speakers for the product management seminar - 

Nilanjan Roy, Head of Strategy, Times Group

Nishant Pandey, EVP, Business Insights, Sales & Marketing Analytics - and

Gaurav Mehta, Chief Marketing Officer, GirnarSoft (Cardekho,, Zigwheels)

Deep Bajaj, Founder, First Step Digital Pvt. Ltd. (Peebuddy, Sirona)

Dr. Rishi Bhatnagar, President-Aeris Communications, Chairman IET IoT Panel India, Mentor - AnglePaisa

Prof. Naveen Lakkur, Innovation Coach, Strategic Consultant & Advisor Senior faculty from IPL including Prof. Pinkesh Shah(ex-Global VP, McAfee) and Prof. Tathagat Varma (ex-VP, 24/7 and Senior Director, Yahoo, founder of

What kind of professionals will benefit from this seminar?

This seminar will benefit mid-career professionals with 5+years of experience in product or service companies who are looking to accelerate their careers and get into leadership positions, or to transition into product management roles. Typical profiles of attendees are senior engineers, leaders, product, project and program managers and directors.

How will this help someone trying to make a career in service and product sectors?

Besides the unique opportunity to interact with senior industry leaders, product practitioners and veterans from the field, the seminar will present focused sessions that will give insights about the skills professionals need for career acceleration and transition. People who want to be entrepreneurs have benefited from these seminars too.

Senior leaders share their best known hiring practices and what kinds of people and skills they look for when they hire.

In today's market, how important is product management?

Product Management is a role that is being carved out in companies across the spectrum in India, as Indian industry steps into the era of products. There is a huge demand for product managers, who can bring with them a blend of business and technology skills and nurse products to commercial success.

What does the future hold for people in this sector?

The future is bright for Product Managers as this Wall Street Journal article testifies. Attend the seminar to find out if this is a role that you should be looking at, and what skills and competencies you need to pick up to succeed in your career.

If you happen to be one of the professionals in the industry who need some motivation and help in accelerating the growth in their careers, book your tickets here

About the event-

When: 21st Jan, 10 AM

Where: ITC Fortune Select Global, Gurgaon.