Bangalore Literature Festival 2016 - Bangalore City's Flagship Annual Literature Event Is Here!

Posted on :
7 December 2016
Posted on :
7 December 2016

Image Credits: Facebook - Bangalore Literature Festival

Calling in all the bookworms and literature freaks to soak in some perfect ‘Literature Extravaganza’ goodness, at the 5th Edition of Bangalore Literature Festival. The Bangalore Literature Festival aims at celebrating with pride, the creative and literary diversity that literature has been adding to the culture and lifestyle in all corners of the world.

With renowned authors and columnists heading some interesting talk sessions, the discussions are going to be about diving into deeper thought process, analyzing social, as well as life changing experiences. The 5th edition of the Literature Festival is again going to be one of Bangalore’s massive events that appreciates and encourages the quickly growing trends in literature. The event also emphasizes on sustaining the rich authenticity that literature has been contributing to language all along. 

Image Credits: Facebook - Bangalore Literature Festival

As always, the Bangalore Literature Festival has been focusing majorly on serving as a great platform for aspiring writers and creatives. They continue to organize events that helps explicit talents being recognized with this edition too. There are also going to be movie screenings, motivational sessions for young aspiring authors, sessions that focus on a child's approach to literature and much more. The panels are going to keep the crowd involved and interactive with great sessions throughout this two day event.

The participating authors list for this year features some of the best in the industry of publishing, writing, art and many diverse fields. The debates and discussions are going to be all the more interesting with loaded perspectives from these experts. Literature enthusiasts can easily be on the lookout for some impeccable viewpoints on various issues and trending topics.

Date: 17th - 18th December 2016

Venue: Hotel Royal Orchid

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1. Participating Authors

Image Credits: Facebook - Bangalore Literature Festival

The board of participating speakers includes renowned professionals. To name a few:

Amish Tripathi,  Mumbai based author of the best-selling Shiva Trilogy.

Chetan Bhagat, best selling author of 6 popular books in India.

Kanhaiya Kumar, leader of the All India Student Federation, the student wing of the Communist Party of India.

Preeti Shenoy, India's highest selling woman writer and columnist at The Financial Chronicle.

Ramachandra Guha, Bangalore based historian and writer.

Divya Spandana, aka Ramya, film actor and politician.

2. Lit Mart

Image Credits: Facebook - Bangalore Literature Festival

As a part of the Bangalore Literature Festival, Lit Mart is back to help with spotting great talents of aspiring writers and bringing out the best form of it. Budding authors get to pitch their book ideas to authorised publishers and well known agents in the industry. A jury of well known authors, editors and publishers will finalize on the ‘Top 25’ who will be presenting the pitch at the Bangalore Literature Festival in front of a live audience. 

As a platform that has been of great help for budding authors, Lit Mart focuses on pushing the limits of creativity of the material with no compromises on the quality. The jury for Lit Mart 2016 comprises of some of the most popular editors, publishers and authors like Mr.Ashok Chopra, Milee Aishwarya, Deepthi Thalwar, Ajitha GS to name a few. 

3. Atta Galatta - Bangalore Literature Festival | Book Prize

Image Credits: Facebook- The Bangalore Literature Festival

In order to honor the best of Indian Writings each year, Bangalore Literature Festival along with Atta Galatta, a city based art-literature event space and bookstore, introduced 'Book Prize' in 2015 which has been a great motivation and gesture of appreciation to the Indian Writers. The three prominent book categories that have been focused on, for Book Prize are Best Fiction, Best Non-Fiction and Literary Achievement Award in Kannada. 

The winning writing receives an original trophy, Thought Beyond Words along with a total purse of INR 2 Lacs. Literature lovers are sure to be on an eager watch out for the winning piece of literature of this year!

All said and done, with the Bangalore Literature Festival just around the corner, the excitement has been building up among literature enthusiasts. As a community funded City's Flagship Annual event, the Literature Festival is sure to make an impact among the gathering of literature lovers at the event. The industry on the other hand is also gearing up for greater and better spectrum of changes that the event will be contributing to, with regards to individuals approach to Literature and Art. 

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