A Berry Merry Christmas: Shini's Christmas Baking

By Shahram Janahi
Posted on :
6 December 2016
Posted on :
6 December 2016

Ho ho ho! In no time Christmas will be right around the corner. Have you been looking for a place to learn to bake a scrumptious cake for your family and friends?

A Christmas meal with family has become a tradition we all follow. And nothing tastes better than cake beckoned from heaven. Into her 8th consecutive year, Shini’s Cooking Class holds baking workshops and is located in Thannisandra, North Bangalore. Began as a hobby, she gradually started teaching in 2009 and now offers over 50 classes on baking cakes, breads and also on assortments such as chocolates and jelly. “There is a lot to learn in the world of culinary,” says Shini. “Until today, I still keep learning from participants who visit my classes,” she added.

Christmas is an annual celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.  The celebratory customs of this day includes carol singing, church services, exchange of Christmas cards and gifts, a special meal and most important of all, a display of various Christmas decorations such as the Christmas trees, lights and a crib in a manger depicting the night baby Jesus was born. 

At her recent Christmas Baking Workshop, Shini helped 4 mums, also pastry lovers how like to bake a frosty, moist cake with eggs for Christmas. She shared her special dessert recipes such as Rich Plum Cake, Cranberry White Chocolate Cake, Sugar Cookies, Ginger Bread Cookies, Ginger Bread Cupcakes and Royal Icing. Participants had a ball over the 4-hour workshop and also learnt useful instructions regarding ingredients and methods. Shini also taught them how to bake using a pressure cooker.

Mridula is a 5-year old, loves Tom & Jerry and had skipped school day to be with her mum at the workshop. “My favourite was the sugar cookie,” says Mridula. “I love drawing leaves and making cookies,” is the most I could make out of what she said. 

Priya is a home-baker and the mother of Mridula. “I have been baking for about the last 4-5 years,” said Priya. “I would love to try the Cranberry White Chocolate Cake first and then of course ginger bread cookies and royal icing,” added Priya.

Reena is a home-maker. “I found out about today’s workshop on Facebook. I found it exceptionally informative and learning practically has now reduced my Christmas baking stress,” says Reena. “I loved moulding the ginger bread cookies. And I have decided on baking an awesome plum cake soon,” added Reena.

Wishing them and you a very Merry Christmas!

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Shahram Janahi
I was a student of Humanities. Music to me is like a journey to my happy place. I love traveling and documenting my experiences. 

I was a student of Humanities. Music to me is like a journey to my happy place. I love traveling and documenting my experiences.