Ditch The Party Scenes! 9 Fantastic Sweet Escapes, Away From The City For This New Year!

Posted on :
3 December 2016
Posted on :
3 December 2016

If parties and thumping music aren't your cuppa tea anymore, we know just exactly what you need. This New Year's Eve is just going to get awesome-er with these fun treks and outdoor events. Get ready and pull up your socks, a pair of trekking shoes, camping tents and kick off the new year with some fun memories outdoors. Your party shoes can totally wait!

1. New Year 2017 Campfest

Image Credits: Events High - Gutsytribe

Making New Years party more than just awesome DJ and fun, the Campfest 2017 is all about bringing alive some fairy tale scenes. With lighting up sky lanterns, camping, water sports and a great view point at the lovely quaint Chitradurga. We are sure you're going to love this!

Venue: Chitradurga (Outside Bangalore)

Date: 31st December 2016 - 1st Jan 2017

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2. Nirvana by the sea with Pedal in Tandem

Image Credits: Events High - Pedal with Tandem

Join in on a fun adventure on cycles from Udupi to Goa for a great New Year plan this year. A 5 day cycling event  could only make your New Years the best memory ever. Cycling along the coastal stretches, meeting new people and experiencing cities and villages is going to be way perfect than a party scene in the city. Don't you think?

Venue: Udupi to Goa

Date: 25th Dec - 30th Dec 2016

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3. New Year Getaway - Under the Kumaon Sky

Image Credits: Events High - New Year Getaway

Experience the ultimate trekking and camping in different small villages at Uttarakhand. To top it off the trek shows lovely forest trails and stunning views of the Himalayan peaks. One also gets to experience homestay at the lovely Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary, a night trek and some great bird and wildlife spotting throughout the trek. It's going to be a great memory of celebrating New Years out under the Kumaon Skies!

Venue: Kathgodam

Date: 28th Dec 2016 - 1st Jan 2017

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4. Gokarna Trek - New Year Special

Image Credits: Events High - Gokarna Trek

If hardcore trek isn't what you're looking for, then trekking along the lovely beaches of Gokarna should help. Make this New Year celebration a fun memory for a lifetime, trekking along the cliffy beaches of the quaint town of Gokarna. 

Venue: Gokarna

Date: 30th Dec 2016 - 1st Jan 2017

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5. Goa - Beaches and Beyond

Image Credits: Events High - Outdoers India

Explore the pristine beaches, villages, cliffs and massive waterfalls and lovely nature scenery along the beautiful Goa. The best part is that you get to stay clear off a crowded city while you're having fun exploring tribal villages and wildlife sanctuaries. Here's an actual chance for you to do some ultimate 'Goan' things when in Goa. 

Venue: Goa (Outside Bangalore)

Date: 27th - 30th December

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6. Hampi Trek - New Year Special

Image Credits:

Get ready to soak up all the goodness the stunningly beautiful Hampi is going to offer. The perfect sport for architecture lovers, history buffs and also photographers. Catch a stunning New Years sunrise amidst the charming remains of Hampi.

Venue: Hampi

Date: 31st Dec 2016 - 1st Jan 2017 

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7. Malnad Cycling Expedition with Adventure Adda

Image Credits: Events High - Adventure Adda

Get on some adventure fun as you discover the beauty of Malnad Region, cycling through some of the most scenic villages and tourist places near Sirsi. Yana, Sathodi Falls, Saharsa Linga and a few beaches along Gokarna will be covered during the cycling trip. 

Venue: Malnad Region (Outside Bangalore)

Date: 23rd Dec - 27th Dec 2017

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8. Nishani Motte Night Trek - New Year Special

Image Credits: Events High - Nishani Motte Trek

Catch up on that time of adventure out in the wild this new year! There is going to be some solid trekking and a great time of plugging away from the city life and into some nature. Even better when you're celebrating New Years with a sunrise at an altitude of 4,100 ft.

Venue: Nishani Motte, Coorg

Date: 30th Dec 2016 - 1st Jan 2016

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9. Nature Camp at People for Animals

Image Credits: Events High - People for Animals

Camp out in the wild and enjoy new years eve with some fun sessions on wildlife learning. Campers are going to love being able to connect with the wild. There couldn't be a better way to welcome a new year, especially for kids who are budding wildlife and nature enthusiasts. 

Venue: People for Animals, Bangalore

Date: 28th Dec - 30th Dec

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