A day well "spent" : 2016 India International Trade Fair

By Vipasha Malhotra
Posted on :
2 December 2016
Posted on :
2 December 2016

The 36th edition of the India International Trade Fair organized by India Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO) in Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, from 14 – 27 November. The theme for the fair was Digital India – Power to Empower, and the whole fair was designed in a digital manner. With 18 ATMs covering the venue and online payments being accepted everywhere, it was truly quite digital! Being extremely inspired by PM Modi’s Make in India initiative, the fair was stocked with  Indian products like regional handicrafts and handlooms all around.

A whopping number of 7000 exhibitors participated this year and the fair was a total success with the biggest deals and discounts everywhere. Tickets and space booking facilities were provided online as well as offline, which made the shopping experience even smoother

South Korea was the “Partner Country” and Belarus was the “Focus Country” this year. Yet, the partner states, i.e. Madhya Pradesh and Jharkhand along with Haryana the “State in Focus”, grabbed the limelight with their culturally enriched pavilions set up in the Maidan.

The fair was open to the general public from 19 November and Pragati Maidan was bustling with people as a total of 14,000 visitors turned up to attend it. Different halls had been set up with different goods, from clothes to cosmetics, jewellery to Khadi products, you name it, and it was there at the fair. Not just this, but also the biggest brands such as Woodland and Tanishq had set stall. One could find great deals and discounts all around, which made it a delight for every shopper visiting.

There were more Indian products than others being displayed and sold, so no shopper stopped themselves from splurging, though all in good reason. Handicrafts and handlooms from indigenous sellers were the craze and every state had its own attractions. Somehow, the people also knew that they would be getting a lot of great deals, as they came prepared with suitcases and huge bags to load their shopped goods. It was a crazy sight for the newcomers!

Pavilions had been set up for different Indian states and Departments such as Chattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Power and Disaster Management and so on, with their own attractions.

Every evening, music acted as a stress buster for the visitors as a series of cultural shows were organized by the Government. These included a two day Korean cultural show along with theatre plays and Hasya Kavi Sammelan among many others. Traditional dance performances and musical performances had been scheduled for different days at the fair.

The food was clearly the cherry on the top! With food stalls at every turn, outside every hall and hangar, from the Indian thali to continental, from snacks to candies, there were a ton of options to choose from. So much so, that it would get difficult for the people to decide what to eat! 

In conclusion, the trade fair saw thousands of visitors thronging, most of whom went home satisfied and delighted with the unexpected extravaganza. After all, who wouldn’t love best deals on products, attractive exhibitions, fantastic food, delightful music and performances, all in one place? And that, my friends, was the 2016 India International Trade Fair for you.

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Vipasha Malhotra

I like to think of myself as a music enthusiast, writer and artist. 'Experimenting with the new' would be my tagline if I were a brand. Also, I make sure to add a touch of music and love in everything I do

I like to think of myself as a music enthusiast, writer and artist. 'Experimenting with the new' would be my tagline if I were a brand. Also, I make sure to add a touch of music and love in everything I do