Cycling Clubs in Delhi

Posted on :
9 February 2017
Posted on :
9 February 2017

Cycling keeps you and the planet healthy. One can enjoy cycling alone (at your own pace), with one’s partner (tandem, anyone?), with friends/ in a group (I‘d race you!), in a cyclathon (for a cause, no pollution), to commute (no fuel , traffic jams no bar), to exercise (legs of steel) or just to enjoy a leisure ride around.

Cycling has survived the traffic, smog and other zipping motors in our capital city Delhi. Well, the secret to enjoy cycling is to start early, go in a group and ride along green spaces.

There are cycling enthusiasts and their groups who take every reason and season to hit the road with their bikes. Checkout the following Cycling Clubs in Delhi who keep their wheels moving!

1. Delhi Cycling Club

Delhi Cycling Club (DCC) One of the largest cycling clubs in Delhi and is open to cyclists of all skill levels. They promote cycling culture in Delhi and strive to achieve assigned cycling lanes and parking spots. They hold cycling events and even help in purchasing the right cycle for you.

2. Pedal Yatri

Pedal Yatri believe that Life is a Cycle and aim to getting those bikers together, who want to ride. The group rides every Saturday and Sunday and most of week days. They cover 25-30 Kms on weekdays and almost double the distance during weekends. Being nature lovers they involve a fair amount of riding on paths and trails through hills, fields and villages in the vicinity of Gurgaon, starting by 5am.

3. Gurgaon Fun Riders

Gurgaon Fun Riders (GFR) is a group for fun lovers in Gurgaon who enjoy exploring the city on their bicycles. They take member responses and plan events and routes accordingly. It’s a fun loving group and encourages as many people to get out and ride. No charges for local rides but maybe for an outstation tour. Safety to self & others while having fun ranks high in this group.

4. Noida Cycling Club

Noida Cycling Club formed in 2011, growing with 50 new members per month, is a Cycling Group focused on motivating more people on the saddle. NCC does both road and off road bike events in Delhi-NCR. They organize beginners specific-nature integrated rides more often. They also organize longer rides that extend all the way up to India Gate. The club prides itself on having members that are friendly and social, making the atmosphere inviting to newcomers.

5. Cycle Sutra

Cycle Sutra is home to more 4000 cyclists from all backgammon. Their rides begin at  6:15am Noida gate all weekends, and are usually around 40 - 60 km-long. Every ride has a ‘theme’. The most popular rides are the ‘foodie’ rides and very often the Heritage rides. They also do rides like “Miles for Smiles” Charity, wherein riders are voluntarily donating one rupee for every km bi-cycled. The collective fund raised is used to support education related equipment to schools for the underprivileged. 

6. Team CycloFit

Team Cyclofit is a group of cyclists who enjoy more than just the ride. They actually enjoy the ride as well as the scenery! Group will mostly just gather for weekend rides, occasional weekday rides as well as some gear talk and other activities that are mostly cycling centric. All riders are welcomed, a bunch of friendly non hard core & other local cyclists. This is a group for people who just enjoy riding their bikes. This group is for the very beginner up to those who ride in the 25km/h -35km/h range. 

7. Delhi Randonneurs


Delhi Randonneurs is the ultimate destination for all those who like long distance ultra Cycling and Randonneuring . They have a faculty of Randonneurs & they are pursuing taking ultra cycling in north-India to the next level.So if you are a randonneur, be a part of this group and help them taking randonneuring to next level through your skills. This club is strictly for the uber-motivated riders out there. Be sure to be equipped with high quality gear to embark their long distance rides (up to 600 kms) and cover terrain that requires an advanced level of skill.

8. V4A Cycling Club

V4A ('We For Adventure') is one of the most active cycling groups in South Delhi. V4A was started in Feb 2014 with an objective to bring together all fun loving people who care about their environment and dare to leave their beds early Sunday morning to explore new and interesting destinations. Paddling makes them happy and healthy. The biggest strength of the group is the bonding between its members. They organize regular Sunday morning rides and the core team of V4a Cycling goes on Night rides as well.

9. SpinLife India

Based out of Gurgaon, SpinLife utilizes its proximity to the open roads and caters to youngsters looking for activity outdoors. The trips are mostly weekend rides and a standard trip begins at daybreak. They welcome cyclists of all levels. For a beginner, the ride is for about 20 kms but for more proficient riders, it goes beyond that. They provide guides on fitness , nutrition , choosing the right gear and safety during rides . They offer fitness training programs as well.