Top 10 Buffet Restaurants In Bangalore That Will Pamper Your Taste Buds Anyday

Posted on :
18 November 2016
Posted on :
18 November 2016

If you happen to be one of the foodies who prefer buffets over looking at a menu before eating, then these restaurants are perfect for you. Be it family outings, company lunches or simply a hankering for delicious food, these buffet restaurants in Bangalore prepare spreads with a variety of dishes. A visit to any one of these restaurants guarantees a full tummy before dessert. Here are 10 buffet restaurants in Bangalore. 

1. Ebony

Credits - Ebony

At Ebony, you can relish tasty meals as you enjoy an amazing view of the city. The restaurant is known for the delicious dishes it offers in the buffet. 

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Address: MG Road

Price: Buffet-

            Weekdays- 455 INR  (Plus taxes and other charges)

            Weekends- 595 INR  (Plus taxes and other charges)

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2. Punjab Grill

Credits- Punjab Grill

Punjab Grill offers you the authentic taste of Punjabi food with its own twist. The fine dining restaurant delivers delicious North-Indian treats on your palate and the buffet offers a variety of delicious dishes. 

Address: Koramangala, 7th Block

Price: Buffet-

            Weekdays (Monday-Thursday)- 649 INR  (Plus taxes and other charges)

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3. Buff Buffet Buff

Credits- Buff Buffet Buff

This eatery is known for its buffets and the variety of dishes it offers in the menu. Buff Buffet Buff also prepares an amazing Sunday brunch with options for both kids and adults. Checkout their page to know more about their on-going offer till 30th November. 

Address: Koramangala, 5th Block

Price: Buffet Prices range from 297 INR to 1,575 INR (plus taxes)

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4. Absolute Barbecues

Credits - Absolute Barbecues

The popular chain of buffet restaurants is known for the quality of food, dining experience and a variety dishes from European, Mediterranean and North-Indian cuisine. 

Address: Marathahalli

Price: Buffet Prices range from 627 INR to 971 INR depending on the days and timings. 

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5. Flechazo

Credits- Flechazo

Comparatively new to the city, Flechazo has quickly won the hearts of foodies in the city for its delicious food and elegant ambiance. Read more about this restaurant in our post about New Restaurants in Bangalore.

Address: Marathahalli

Price: Buffet Prices range from 348 INR to 981 INR 

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6. Chutney Chang

Credits- Chutney Chang

This restaurant offers a delicious spread of meals in its buffet, a chaat counter, a dumplings and mom counter and a live grill. Their large variety of dishes and one of the longest buffet spreads in Bangalore. 

Address: Church Street and Jayanagar 

Price: Buffet prices range from 645 INR to 780 INR (plus taxes)

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7. BonSouth

Credits- BonSouth

As the name suggests, BonSouth offers a sumptuous mix of South-Indian meals in the buffet. The restaurant has become one of the most popular sea-food eateries in Bangalore. 

Address: Koramangala, 5th Block

Price: Buffet prices range from 650 INR to 850 INR

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8. Banjara Melting Pot

Credits- Banjara Melting Pot

Banjara Melting Pot creates an amazing dining environment with its classy interiors, delicious North-Indian and Chinese food and a value for money buffet spread. 

Address: Koramangala, 4th Block

Price: Buffet at 575 INR plus taxes. 

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9. Sattvam

Credits- Sattvam

This vegetarian only restaurant also serves Jain food and prepares some of the most delicious vegetarian dishes in the city. Sattvam offers a wide variety of pure vegetarian dishes. 

Address: Sadashiv Nagar

Price: Buffet prices range from 630 INR to 760 INR

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10. Sanctum Club

Credits- Sanctum Club

One of the most popular nightclubs in the city, Sanctum Club gives a tough competition to other eateries of Bangalore with its delicious food. The buffet spread offers authentic North-Indian and Mediterranean dishes. Read our exclusive interview with the man who started Sanctum Club

Address: Residency Road

Price: Buffet Price- 800 INR.

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