A Room Of Intellectuals : Lit-Up Fest

By Shahram Janahi
Posted on :
12 November 2016
Posted on :
12 November 2016

“To live a creative life we must lose our fear of being wrong.”

    : Joseph Chilton Pearce

Being creative is the first step to being free. Whether you are a writer, a poet, a performer or even a listener if literature events intrigue you then don’t hold back from visiting one and letting your creative juices flow.

A fun-filled, jam-packed day with talks, workshops, book exchange, open mic, book signings and conversations - Lit Up Bangalore at the Institution for Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering (IETE) was thronged by students. Presented by The Climber, an organisation revolutionising education to impact the younger minds, this Lit-fest brought bloggers, authors, journalists and poets together under one roof.

Nisha Abdullah is a writer, listener and a theatre artist from Ever After. The organization uses the magic tool of story-telling to make learning fun. Stories are one of the most effective methods of conveying information and knowledge from one generation to another. Nisha also engaged the audience with three questions to ponder over about. “We’re all just stories in the end,” said Nisha.


The second workshop carried on with Terrible Tiny Tales (TTT) co-founder and CEO, Anuj Gosalia. Terrible Tiny Tales is a micro-fictional platform popular on social media for short, crisp stories. Besides stories, TTT also composes poetry, open letters and short films known as Terrible Tiny Talkies.  Anuj conducted an interactive workshop to help the students write their pieces of Terrible Tiny Tales.

The day got musical with Siddharth Suresh and Rishii Rohra performing individually. Siddharth is a computer engineering student and is also one of the members of the band, Prozac. “When words fail, music speaks,” says Siddharth. Rishii Rohra is a bassist for the bands Crazy and Saturn Night Sky. These passionate and talented musicians performed a few songs after sharing their stories.


Nandini from Airplane Poetry Movement gave an introductory speech on finding one’s voice. The topic was further carried on by Janet Orlene also known as Ink Weaver. Janet conducted a workshop on spoken word poetry. Unlike reading it from a piece of paper, spoken word poetry or poems carries an aura of performance. “What started out as an extension of a love for literature and art gradually grew into a full-fledged love for the art of writing,” says Janet.

C K Meena is a journalist and a novelist. She is also the co-founder of Asian College of Journalism in Bangalore. She gave a brief insight into the words - passion, career and literature. She is known for her refreshing and warm style of writing. 

The event concluded with an open mic session for the audience to perform. 

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Shahram Janahi
I was a student of Humanities. Music to me is like a journey to my happy place. I love traveling and documenting my experiences. 

I was a student of Humanities. Music to me is like a journey to my happy place. I love traveling and documenting my experiences.