6 Fun Events For Your Kids This Children's Day in Bangalore - November 2016

Posted on :
7 November 2016
Posted on :
7 November 2016

November 14th has always had the kids excited and looking forward to fun things to do. While there are ways to make your children feel special this Children's Day, there are some great events coming up. These events are sure going to help the kids bond with the parents over some fun activities. Nothing's better than creating memories that can last a lifetime!

1. Cook With Dad - Children's Day Special

Image Credits: Mum and Stories

With an ultimate aim to bring families together for a time of fun memories and delicious menu, Mum and Stories are here with a  fun event planned for children's day. Breaking all sort of stereotypes and myths, this event is going to have pleasant sights of the kids cooking with their dads. The event, at Art Blend Cafe, with the popular cookery show host and entrepreneur- Ashirbani Roy Mukherjee.

When : November 12th 2016

Where: Art Blend Cafe

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2. Minions Mayhem - Children's Day Carnival

Image Credits: PopUp Bazaar

A fun day at the children's carnival could be one of the best options to spend some quality time with the kids. The highlight being, Minions adding more fun and excitement for the kids at the carnival. There's going to be a lot of food, fun and activities including shopping!

When : November 12th - 14th, 2016

Where: VR Mall, Whitefield

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3. Perler Beads Workshop - Bloom & Grow

Image Credits: Bloom & Grow

To fill the day with so full of colors and some creative crafts, Bloom & Grow is organising a workshop where the kids get to work and try new crafts with Perler Beads. Apart from being a fun activity that lets the kids be creative with, these perler beads also stimulate great hand -eye coordination skills. This also one of the best learning tools that helps the kids with math skills. The kids are also allowed to explore with new designs and patterns, improving their imaginations too.

When: November 13th, 2016

Where: Bloom & Grow

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4. Story Weavers - Storytelling Workshop

Image Credits: Kathalaya

As a way of inspiring and nurturing the Storyteller within, the Story Weavers is organizing a Storytelling Workshop, for kids between 6 and 12 years. Sessions will include training on voice modulation aspects, stage confidence, story narration, using props and more. 

When: November 12th & 13th, 2016

Where: Kathalaya, Bangalore

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5. RoboSoccer - Children's Day Special

Image Credits: Robocraze

A classic workshop that is all set to reach out and excite kids who are inclined to electronics and robots. Letting the kids in on the techniques to create a Remote Controlled RoboSoccer Car, this workshop is all about educating the kids on the fundamentals of robotics. 

Effective practical experiments and Demos will also be included, so that the kids get to learn in a fun way too. certificates will also be provided. 

When : November 13th, 2016 (11 AM - 6 PM)

Where: Robocraze, Bangalore

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6. Musical & Movement Day - Elements Mall

Image Credits: Awesome Place - The Parent Break

Calling all the parents and kids for a fun evening of dance, music, singing and more dance. With the venue practically calling it the parent break, the event aims at helping both the kids and the parents enjoy a fun evening with the kids.

When: November 12th, 2016

Where: That Awesome Place - The Family Hangout, North Bangalore

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*Feature Image Credits: Flickr -  Andy Eick