What You Need To Know About HasGeek's Droidcon 2016

Posted on :
3 November 2016
Posted on :
3 November 2016

One of the most famous tech conferences will be making its way to Bangalore this month. HasGeek's DroidCon India 2016 will be about software development in the world of android. 

HasGeek is a company dedicated to help people working in tech environment. From conferences where like minded geeks can meet to hacknights, workshops and geekups, HasGeek indulges in everything that can assist a geek seeking some help in jobs or simple development. Their Job Board is a perfect place for freshers or geeks looking for interesting jobs. With over two dozen conferences, the technology company brings its famous tech conference to Bangalore this month and if you are looking for a job or want to meet other individuals like yourself, DroidCon is the perfect destination for you. 

As DroidCon India 2016 will be primarily focusing on android software development, this month's tech conference will have some of the best mobile engineers. The event will be sponsored by Go-JEK and Digital Ocean and will have speakers from companies like Dropbox, BookMyShow and Flipkart.

The Featured Talks will include- 

Proteus: Android Layout Engine by Aditya Sharat - Software Development Engineer at Flipkart

Rxify - A simple spell for complex RxJava operators by Garima Jain - Android Developer at Fueled Digital Media Ltd. 

Android Development at Dropbox by Piotr Gurgul - Android Developer and Dropbox.

The conference will also feature the following workshops- 

Building Watch Faces for Android Wear - By Chirag Aggarwal, Android Developer at Go-JEK India

Android NDK - Porting native softwares to android - By Naman Dwivedi, Android Developer 

Android Security Internals - By Kartik Lalan, Security Engineer at Philips Innovation Campus

The 6th edition of the tech conference will begin on 10th November, 9 AM at MLR Convention Centre, South Bangalore.

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