Gamineazy Brings The Future Of Gaming To You

Posted on :
28 October 2016
Posted on :
28 October 2016

Though our elders never encouraged us to play computer games, we still find some odd excuse to play our favourite games. Though some were lucky enough to set up a PC gaming station or buy a console, most of us had to rely on gaming parlours for some time. As the world of gaming evolved, we got games with realistic designs, gaming experiences that took everything to another level and best of all virtual reality. 

Imagine finding everything you can ask for related to computer games under one roof. 

Gameineazy, a startup by two passionate entrepreneurs and gamers, offers you a chance to play the latest as well as some of the most popular games of our time, has next gen gaming lounges, manages events, has corporate exergaming, integrated gaming facilities and much more all under a single roof. 

This venture by Navin Rajendran and Chirag Gaglani brings the future of gaming to you with 3D gaming, motion gaming, racing cockpits, a gaming theatre and much more in the arena. 

Here is a glimpse of their gaming theatre and their 3D room-

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