The Wonders of Mr. R.K Laxman

By Shahram Janahi
Posted on :
22 October 2016
Posted on :
22 October 2016

Did you grow up reading R.K Laxman’s famous creation the “Common Man” or his daily cartoon strip, “You Said It” in The Times of India column? He’s a cartoonist who had the skill to depict reviews in a few strokes.  If you’re an ardent fan and miss his cartoons dearly, here’s your opportunity to visit 97 of R.K. Laxman's Unpublished Artwork being exhibited  at The Indian Institute of Cartoonists.

Inaugurated by the former Governor of Karnataka in 2001, The Indian Cartoon Gallery at Trinity Circle is a first-of-its-kind initiative of the Indian Institute of Cartoonists (IIC). It is the one and only space created in the country to exhibit cartoons which are highly educative, creative, innovative, thoughtful and socially relevant works of art. The gallery solely dedicated to promote and encourage the art of cartooning by amateur and professional cartoonists.


The freedom of a country is judged by the freedom a cartoonist relishes. Cartoons are a highly popular form of artistic expression and are one of the most admired sections of the newspaper. They can tickle one’s funny bone at the same time also deliver a powerful message to the public.

Mr. R.K Laxman, one of India’s legendary cartoonist, illustrator and humorist used to doodle constantly growing up in Mysore. Inspired by illustrations in magazines such as The Strand, Punch and Tit-Bits, he began to sketch in every possible place in his house and also doodled caricatures of his teachers at school. Mr. R.K Srinivasan, Laxman’s elder brother, brought a big scrap book while he was in Delhi and made Laxman create more doodles. Soon he began to think of himself as an artist in the making.


With the blend of wit in his comic strokes, Mr. Laxman’s cartoons have laid the stones for practising the art in mediums beyond newspapers. He was the sketch artist for the series of Malgudi Days, a fictional village story developed by Mr. R.K Narayan, Laxman’s other also famous elder brother. Besides sketching, a couple of a few notable novels written by Mr. Laxman are ‘The Hotel Riviera’ and ‘The Messenger’ and an autobiography titled ‘The Tunnel of Time’.


Abdul Qadir, a student of law at Alliance is an art-lover and an avid fan of Mr. R.K Laxman and his illustration of the ‘Common Man’. “I could not wait to visit this exhibition after reading about it in the newspaper,” says Abdul.

“The cartoons here are an epitome of social satire and realism and my favourite one is ‘Life’s Little Ironies"

added Abdul.

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Shahram Janahi
I was a student of Humanities. Music to me is like a journey to my happy place. I love traveling and documenting my experiences. 

I was a student of Humanities. Music to me is like a journey to my happy place. I love traveling and documenting my experiences.