Our Chat With The Chef Behind The Menu Of Sway, 3rd Innings, Rewind, Cirrus And Republk

Posted on :
27 October 2016
Posted on :
27 October 2016

In some of our previous posts, we have talked about several restaurants in Bangalore. Be it new eateries in the city,  strictly vegetarian restaurants or events happening in some eating joint, we try to bring it all to you. This time we introduce you to a chef who handles four restaurants and pubs in the city. Here is our exclusive interview with chef Gurudath; the man behind Sway, Rewind, 3rd Innings, Cirrus and Republk. 

Tell us a little about yourself.

I am from Bangalore. Did my schooling from Bishop Cotton Boys School. Studied there until year 10. After which I moved to St. Josephs College to finish my undergrad in Science. I completed my Bachelors in Hotel Management from MS Ramaiah College of Hotel Management. As soon as I finished my bachelors I relocated to Australia (Sydney) to pursue my Masters in Culinary Arts from Le Cordon Bleu which specializes in classical French Cooking. Lived in Australia for almost 10 years where I worked with some of the best chefs and restaurants who molded me into who I am today.

Credits - Sway

Tell us about your training.

Training was fun and educative. When I worked at ITC Windsor Manor Bangalore, that was the first time I had ever worked in a commercial kitchen. I was nervous, scared and excited at the same time. The year after that I trained at Raddison Delhi. It was a whole new environment. Since you are a newbie in the kitchen, you tend to go through the regular dose of yelling and shouting from your seniors. But that's one of the reasons why you learn. A little while later I trained at One and Only Hayman Islands in the Great Barrier Reef. It was great experience and I had a chance to work with some of the best chefs there and explored a whole new range of ingredients and work with them as well.

One dish you can enjoy anytime-

Biryani is my all time favorite. It's one dish which has so many ingredients and yet it is beautifully balanced with flavours. Slow cooked Pork Belly is my other favorite.

You work with a number of restaurants. Tell us about your journey with all the restaurants you have worked with so far.

One & Only Hayman Island Resorts ( Great Barrier Reef ) - Leading Hotels of the World – Worked here for 6 months during which I did my Industrial Training as a Commis Chef while I was studying in Australia. It gave me a great platform to learn and work with the freshest seafood ever. It also helped in gaining knowledge from some of the best chefs from all over Australia and some from other parts of the world.

Café Bello, Sydney – When i started working here I was a Chef de Partie where my role in the kitchen was I was responsible of handling a particular section of the kitchen. Over a period of 2 years I was promoted as the Sous Chef.. Very fast paced and hectic kitchen as we were open from Breakfast all the way to dinner.

Four Points Sheraton, Sydney – Worked here as a junior Sous Chef and my primary duty was to handle the buffet breakfast and run a la carte orders at the same time. Also assisted the Sous Chef and the Executive chef with menu planning and executing events as well.

Jordons Seafood Restaurant, Sydney / The Watershed Hotel, Sydney – These 2 properties were sister concerns and was appointed as a Sous Chef. Jordans was the largest seafood restaurant with a seating capacity of approx 620 covers. We had a huge kitchen brigade of around 15 to 20chefs working on a busy night.

Credits- Rewind

Marlborough Hotel Sydney – This was a classic Australian Pub / restaurant where i did my first job as a Head Chef. Was a very challenging job with lots of responsibilities and targets to accomplish. Loved everyday of my job as the team I had to work with was very supportive and hard working.

Skyye / The Tower Kitchen/ Blimey Bangalore, India – Worked here as a head chef. The culture and food was very different compared to what i used to work with in Australia. This made my job even more interesting. Skyye as we all know is a night club with the best view in Bangalore. The type of clientele I served here was something I had never worked with before. Blimey was a Irish Gastro Pub which had unique dishes of its own with a terrace bar area as well.

Olive Beach , Bangalore - Worked here as a Sous Chef which helped me learn a lot about the latest trends in the market. Had a very challenging job which would keep me on my toes all the time.

Cirrus (Indranagar) / Rewind (Kalyannagar) / Sway (Kalyannagar) / 3rd Innings (Electronic City) / Republk (Colombo, Srilanka) – Currently working as a Corporate Chef and Partner with these outlets. Our latest project being Republk in Colombo Srilanka. This keeps me quite busy throughout the week with menu planning, designing, cost controls and much more. I try and change the menus often to satisfy our clients needs. Has been a good journey so far and many more to come.

Credits - RE.PUB.LK

While designing the menu for a restaurant, what are the important things you focus on?

Market availability, seasonal produce, price of ingredients, balance of nutrition, location of the outlet, taste and colours should complement.

Credits - RE.PUB.LK

What kind of cuisines do you usually work with?

A little bit of all. Mainly modern Australian, Mediterranean, Spanish and Greek.

How do you manage your busy schedule?

Plan my day / week / month, spend time with every outlet & keep altering menus to stay with the current trend and have an efficient team to assist.

How have your travels influenced your cooking?

The mostly helped me explore different cuisines. I got to understood trends in different countries / regions and got an enlarged view on creativity & new styles of cooking.

Credits- 3rd Innings

Which cooking techniques do you use regularly?

I love to slow cook and braise as it enhances the flavour and improves the texture of the ingredients. Pan frying as it is easier to control the heat and give a nice crispy outer surface for the crunch.

Credits- Chef Gurudath

There has been a rise in the number of chefs appearing on TV in various reality shows. What are your views on this rise?

Every chef has a different plan, some like to run a restaurant , some like to make videos on Youtube & teach/demonstrate different dishes, some like to participate in reality shows, some like to participate in competitions on TV, some may just like to cook at home & make a lovely meal for their family everyday, to each his own but what is so encouraging & motivating is that cooking through TV is reaching out to every part of the world which makes it exciting for every chef to come up with something new everytime & surprise their audience. It's purely upto each chef how they want to showcase their skills.

Tell us about your future plans.

There is a lot in the pipeline that I am working on so time is the only factor.

Open outlets in different Cities in India & other Countries. Have restaurants and gastrobars all over.

Credits- Sway

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