Meet Baba Chandok. The Man Behind One Of The Most Popular Nightclubs In Bangalore- Sanctum Club

Posted on :
7 October 2016
Posted on :
7 October 2016

Bangalore's nightlife is full of clubs and bars that offer delicious cocktails in an environment that is full of lively music. One such nightclub that has become the premier nightlife destination in the city is Sanctum Club. The nightclub offers delicious food through its buffets and turns into a nightlife destination on the weekends. We met with the man behind the luxury nightclub and got to know him better. We talked about his journey, what kind of events Sanctum offers and much more. Checkout our exclusive interview with Baba Chandok. 

Credits- Sanctum Club

Tell us a little about yourself.

I am Baba Chandok. Born and brought up in India. I lived in Switzerland for thirteen years where I did my Hotel Management and worked with various restaurants and bars for a long time. I am also a qualified golf professional. Currently I manage Sanctum Club, the premium nightlife destination in Bangalore. I have recently launched a new product called Baba da dhaba which is an online delivery platform that offers favourites of authentic North-Indian food. 

Credits- Sanctum Club

What kind of events do you offer at Sanctum Club?

We have done a host of different events ranging from whiskey tastings, standup, open mic, wine dinners etc. These are some events we have curated. Apart from that, we have also hosted curated events for companies like Myntra, Audi, Volvo and we have also hosted our own private golf event called the Sanctum prestige invitation which is due next year for its third edition. It is not common for nightclubs to pull off an invitational golf tournament. Our last year's winner was sponsored by British Airways. Round trip business class tickets to the UK and a golf clinic with Justin Rose, who was number 3 in the world at that time, were given to the winner. 

Your most favourite parts of managing a club.

I would say customer interface, house keeping and programming. 

Credits- Sanctum Club

Now your least favourite parts.

Petty cash book. 

Tell us about some challenges you faced in developing Sanctum.

Good service consultants are pretty difficult and rare to find. Working with contractors and finding skilled manpower is always a big challenge. 

Credits- Sanctum Club

Bangalore's nightlife can get very competitive. How do you keep your establishment among the top nightclubs of Bangalore?

It is obvious that competition breeds intelligence. You try to stay above the curve by keeping a mixed genre of music, programming different types of sounds on different days. What started off as a private club is a premier nightlife destination primarily because of our programming and the diversity we have as a club. By day Sanctum is a restaurant that serves Indian as well as European food with a buffet spread at a price that is too value for money. Friday-Saturday-Sunday we become a nightclub where we program mixed type of sounds ranging from commercial, EDM, deep house, Bollywood, hip-hop etc. We also have live bands.

Credits- Sanctum Club

The most important factor for Sanctum being on top is the space design we have. Central focus is the bar, which is probably one of the the most expensive bar in the country. For the guests who are interested in dining, we serve Indian and European food, we have both indoor and outdoor seating and even have corners that are quieter so that people can enjoy their drink as well as enjoy the diversity of being in a nightclub environment. But I think the most important thing is the detailing we have done on the acoustic treatments while building the club as we have treated not only the floor but also the beams, the walls and the ceiling to make sure that the quality of sound remains the same in any part of the club.

In a nutshell, our programming, outstanding sound quality, indoor-outdoor seating, a classy environment, attention to detail and our crowd control are some factors that keep us ahead in the game.

Tell us some of biggest live bands who have performed in Sanctum.

We've had performances by Best Kept Secret, Sonic Flare, Carlton Braganza etc.

 In the party business, how does one cater to the needs of different guests?

It's impossible to cater to everybody's needs at the same time. Different people will want to hear different types of sounds on different days. So we try to make it clear to the party goers of Bangalore that this is the type of music and feel they expect from the night; so they don't walk into Sanctum and are surprised with the music that is playing. 

Credits- Sanctum Club

Also in group bookings, we are abundantly clear with the group, informing them what they can expect from the night they are making a reservation for. Details like the number of people, kind of music, how much space will be allocated for them and what kind of privacy they can enjoy are given to them before the event. Making an intangible program tangible by being  very transparent in what is the program for the night which is the fundamental key to avoid any chance of a guest being dissatisfied with the event for the night. Needless to say, service and quality of food and beverages always an important factor in customer satisfaction. 

How do you promote your events? How has the social media affected your methods of operation?

We promote our events through various channels like news letters, SMS blasts, promoters and working with event platforms that will inform the general public about the events for the night. 

Social media is a very important tool which I manage myself and spend a lot of time on in order to get the message out. Tools like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook have helped us a lot. 

Tell us a little about your culinary team. What are the most popular dishes on your menu?

Sanctum was started by two sets of chefs. A Spanish chef - Joaquin Albarial, who set up the Mediterranean kitchen and our Indian head chef who started our North-Indian/Punjabi food menu. We are probably among the few standalone restaurants that had an international chef working for two and a half years. The chefs moved on and today the responsibility is handled by chef Prabir Banerjee who's got over twenty years of experience and vast knowledge of outdoor catering as well as Indian and European food. He has worked with some of the biggest brands.

Top selling items on our menu are-

Goat cheese crostini, crispy chicken, our beaf steak, butter chicken and our mutton biryani.  

If you had to pick one cocktail from your menu, what would it be?

Dirty Martini.

Your idea of a perfect party.

People, people and people are the one thing that make any space electrifying. My favourite parties are my deep house nights and a curated event which I used to do sometime back called 'Shine' which was a private event on invitation only and had an open bar format.

With sound, great people but not too crowded and the right energy flow makes a great party. 

Credits- Sanctum Club

Your events schedule is always jam-packed. How do you pick and manage these events on a regular basis?

If I tell you that, I'll have to kill you ☺

On that humourous note, we ended the interview. 

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