Mandarin Made Easy

By Shahram Janahi
Posted on :
5 October 2016
Posted on :
5 October 2016

Have you ever wanted learn Mandarin or wondered what it would be like to speak one of the toughest languages in the world? Well, here is your golden opportunity to do so!

The Yellow River Chinese Academy (YRCA) at Indira Nagar witnessed this unique initiative. Shraddha Prabhu Kumar, who has been teaching Mandarin for the past 6 years, took an Interactive Demo session on Conversational Chinese on the 29th September. In the demo session, she briefed about the key features of the language and HSK (Chinese proficiency test) levels at the YRCA academy.  Apart from teaching the language, they offer translation services as well as corporate training. 

Mandarin is the official language spoken throughout northern and south-western China. Unlike the other languages, traditional Chinese is a tonal language that has a rhythmic expression with flats, dips and intonations. The script similar to that of painting uses vivid strokes to distinguish Chinese characters.

“I want to help people who are interested in learning the language to get quality Mandarin education,”

was her reply when asked what was her motivation to start this course. “And unlike the other institutions, we like to keep our syllabus simple and condensed.” she added.

Shraddha is a former IIT-Bombay graduate who learnt Mandarin out of sheer enthusiasm. Her love for the language prompted her to take a 6-hour journey by train to Vellore and back. She was trained at the Chinese Learning Centre set up Hanban at the Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT). “I have known the language for 12 years, but, it is just couple of years back that I thought of entering into a teaching profession,” says Shraddha.

“I think learning Mandarin is necessary because it helps in the business as well as educational sector. It increases your ability to directly interact with your Chinese counterparts in these fields, thus help in building a mutual trust and understanding. It also increases job opportunities if one learns Mandarin,” says Shraddha. “It also makes your stay at China much easier and enjoyable.” she added. 

One of the participants, Ananya, a former risk investigator is determined to pursue for the knowledge of the language. “After coming across Wuxia, a genre of Chinese novels, I figured it will be helpful for me.” Tanmay, a software developer, says he had a great, fun experience at the demo session.

“I enrolled with classes that just commenced a few days back after witnessing the methods of teaching and class attitude.” 

Besides teaching at the YRCA School, Shraddha is a trained Bharatnatayam dancer and teaches classical dance to students in the evenings. She also enjoys travelling, reading, baking, gardening and listening to Indian music.

Learning another language influences the way we think. So why wait any longer? 

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Shahram Janahi
I was a student of Humanities. Music to me is like a journey to my happy place. I love traveling and documenting my experiences. 

I was a student of Humanities. Music to me is like a journey to my happy place. I love traveling and documenting my experiences.