Now your Sweet-Tooth dreams come alive at these Top 5 Chocolate Making Classes!

Posted on :
30 September 2016
Posted on :
30 September 2016
Have you suddenly found that extra love for chocolates? Of course, more than just pouncing on them and wanting to make some sweet-tooth dreams come alive. Here are Bangalore's best chocolate making classes you can go gaga over!

1. Lavonne Academy of Baking Science and Pastry Arts

Image Credits: Facebook - Lavonne Academy of Baking Science & Pastry Art

Bringing together passionate bakers, Lavonne is an academy that offers exclusive classes on baking. Their courses start with basic introduction to baking which caters to the amateur bakers and also offers courses for professional bakers too.

Apart from the diploma programme that they offer, they also have hobby classes and sugar-art classes through the week and over the weekends too. The faculty at the academy has some of the best professionals and experienced chef's preceding the sessions, who have also given some of the best products to the F&B industry. They also conduct sessions with experienced chef's from around the globe to help the students understand the know-how's of baking along with a great exposure to global level of baking trends.

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2. Institute of Baking and Cake Art

Image Credits: Facebook - IBCA

The Institute of Baking and Cake Art was founded in the year 2000 by Mr.M.K.Gaur and Mr.Manish Gaur. With an aim to give out specialised, expertise classes on baking, the institute was started with a small group of eager learners and 2 talented teachers. The ultimate aim of the institute being about sharing and training the students with why's and how's of baking through theory along with practical knowledge.

The freedom of learning through practice and experience is one of the great constant focus for the institute. They also encourage students to create their own styles and flavours in baking. As a niche, one of a kind training school in the country, the motto is to grow with an information base in Baking and Confectionery. They are keen on creating a space for progressive sharing and learning of knowledge and research in the world of baking. Their ultimate focus is on Baking and Confectionery.

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3. Konsult Baking and Culinary Academy

Image Credits: Facebook - Konsult Baking an Culinary Academy

As a part of Konsult group of organizations, Konsult Baking and Culinary academy was set up after the successful ventures like Konsult Art and Design academy. The academy is one of its kind with a great space for baking and cooking classes throughout the country. Some of the best cooks in the country head the sessions, making the classes interesting, elaborate and a fun time of learning. 

Classes include sessions on the recent trends in cooking, focusing on global tastes and cuisines. Well equipped kitchen spaces and well trained chefs are the best way to learning.  

The highlight of these courses is also that they offer cooking classes for children above the age of 3 called 'Young Chef'. The academy also hosts weekly workshops on various specialisations on cooking an baking aspects, apart from the certified diploma courses in cooking.

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4. Just Like Mum's

Image Credits: Facebook - Just Like Mum's

Close to 2 decades of hands on experimenting and learning and baking  has turned 'Just Like Mum's' into one of the best in town. With an aim to pass on the goodness of baking to every possible corner in the city, Just Like Mum's organises classes and workshops in town.

Courses include Baking classes for beginners, snack-box baking classes, cake decoration classes, chocolate making and more. They also organise bread making workshops and cupcake making workshops.

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5. Manju's Cooking Class

Image Credits: Facebook -  Manju's Cooking Class

Started out in 2002, Manju’s Cooking Class has been a total inspiration to many around the city. Focusing on polishing up cooking skills and getting it to perfect levels, Cooking Classes have been organised throughout the city.

They also conduct great Chocolate Making classes in Bangalore, making learning sessions more fun and innovative. Lessons on how to make homemade chocolates, liquor chocolates, truffles and chocolate bouquets are given. North Indian recipes, South Indian recipes, Chinese, Lebanese and continental are a part of the cooking classes at Manju’s Cooking Class.

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