We Can't For These New Year Party Venues To Come Up With Their Plans For This Year

Posted on :
26 September 2016
Posted on :
26 September 2016

The city that never sleeps is full of some of the most luxurious hotels and extravagant clubs. Though the parties and events keep happening regularly, most people who love to celebrate every happy occasion wait eagerly for 31st December. We picked some of the best party venues in Mumbai that outdo themselves every year. Here is what they had for us last year. 

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Credits- Novotel

Last year, this 5 star hotel in Mumbai has a DJ spinning all night long, live performances by martini girls, fire shows and a spread of sumptuous dishes and beverages; this is what Novotel had organized last 31st December. Excited to see what they have in store this year?

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Grand Sarovar Mumbai

Credits- Grand Sarovar

One of the most luxurious hotels in Mumbai hosted an Angels and Demons themed party last December to celebrate New Year's Eve. The hotel even provided a stay package with the party. 

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The Lalit Mumbai

Credits- Lalit Mumbai

If you were one of the lucky ones who happened to be at this party, then you don't need us to tell you how amazing a New Year Party at Lalit can be. But for those who couldn't manage to book the tickets in advance, here is a glimpse- unlimited cocktails and food, live performances by 10 music artists including the bass king Nucleya and DJ Rink. 

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Hotel Sahara Star

Credits- Sahara Star

If you already don't have a reason to visit this majestic hotel in Mumbai, then maybe a brief look at their events may motivate you to save up for their extravagant parties. Almost every new year party in this hotel includes an FnB package and live performances from some of most talented people on the planet.

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Hotel Marine Plaza

Credits- Hotel Marine Plaza

Imagine celebrating your New Year's Eve in a place facing the Arabian Sea. A night of partying under the stars and cool breeze from the sea. Now that's one party all Mumbaikars are waiting for. 

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Club Alibii

One of the biggest clubs in Mumbai ended 2015 with a bash. Live performances by DJ Bipin and Feroz, special flaming performances by bartenders, Bollywood performances, belly dancers etc. are some highlights of the party. Imagine what the club will do this year. 

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