Chef Vikas Of BlueFrog Bangalore Tells Us About His Job And Their All New Menu

Posted on :
23 September 2016
Posted on :
23 September 2016

One of the biggest music-club chains in India opened its Bangalore outlet in June 2015. It was built and designed to give the public a music experience that is not easily available anymore. With a huge focus on budding artists & Indie bands, BlueFROG provides a platform for them to showcase their talent on a large scale. The venue's design and atmosphere strives to create an entirely different experience for music fans. 

The party hub at Church Street is also known for its delicious cocktails and food. BlueFrog's highly talented and experienced chef has introduced a new menu for the food lovers of Bangalore. For those who enjoy some sumptuous food during a live performance or those who just feel like relaxing over a couple of cocktails and some innovative snacks, Chef Vikas has prepared a new menu with dishes inspired from his diverse culture and his international travels.

Here's our one on one with the chef and his menu-

Tell us a little about yourself.

I belong to a state which is known for its diversity. 18 languages are spoken there and with different languages come different cultures and food; which is the most important part of any culture.

Yes this diversity reflects a lot in my food and that’s the reason I always try to take influences from different cuisines to complete particular dish. I love to blend flavours of two different cuisines together to get best dish out of it.

After graduation from Hotel Management College (I.A.M), I got selected in Oberoi Kolkata through campus as an H.O.T. where loads of learning and work was carved me as a true kitchen professional in Oberoi. My hunger for understanding international cuisines around the world took me off to join Cruise lines in U.S.A. where I spent a good 4 years to sharp my skills in various cuisines over there.

I did get a chance to work again in India with well known International Café, H.R.C, which become a milestone in my career. I was selected as an international trainer in H.R.C to do grand opening of cafes in Europe.

My eagerness towards food, and my hunger to thrive and learn more made me join blueFROG. This was a choice as I needed to create and explore fusion cuisine.

Tell us about your menu.

Credits- BlueFrog

Our food menu is designed considering palatability of people who have tasted food around the world. We at Blue frog Bangalore respond to customer demand of food for new concept & technique. Few example-

Classic to Contemporary

We have designed our menu where few classical dishes are served in contemporary ways for the guests. 

1. Naanza

2. Kerala Vegetable Stew with French Pan cake

3. Stuffed Chicken with Fresh Turmeric Sauce.

Blend of Culture & Cuisine

We have created few dishes which gives you the feel of two different cuisines together with one dish.

1. Chicken Tikka Masala with Pita Bread 

2. Burgul crusted tofu burger with almond coriander sauce 

3. Japanses cheese cake with Apricot jam & apple slaw.

Go Global with Desi Magic.
We have even created a few dishes in such way which has got the 'desi' connection with 'videshi' taste.

1. Malai Chicken Risotto
2. Thai Spiced Chicken tikka with Blue Berry Chutney
3. Baked Bried with Pineapple compote & mini puff

I do believe in kind of cooking which provides simple, palatable and easy to remember dishes. Love to blend flavours. My way of cooking of different cuisines is always open to experiment different techniques & cuisines.

I do get a real buzz out of working in a busy kitchen and great pleasure out of seeing happy faces enjoying a good meal that my team has cooked. I love the freedom of expression that cooking gives me. I do believe in detail orientated work to ensure that every dish which leaves kitchen is perfect. I do always try to be get knowledge of the latest food trends in our industry.

Throughout my journey, I have a taken inspiration from people I have worked with. To me they were the best ingredients for a perfect recipe that I am today.

Some special dishes that are a must try -

Spicy Corn & Cheese Parcels

Credits- BlueFrog

Mexican spiced corn cheese & olive mixture, chilli mayo.

Curried Fish Cake 

Credits- BlueFrog

Pan seared spicy fish patty, Indian green salad, chilli garlic sauce.

Jamaican Jerk Chicken

Credits- BlueFrog

Chicken on bone, jerk sauce, oregano chilli vegetables, masala bread, grilled pineapple pickle. 

Moroccan Chicken Burger 

Credits- BlueFrog

Paprika hummus, harissa mayonnaise, pickled vegetables, French fries

Price range for new menu dishes - Rs 200-400

Where: BlueFrog, Church Street.