Does Travel Make You Smarter?

It Does And Here's Why
Posted on :
20 September 2016
Posted on :
20 September 2016

Ever wondered why so many people around you travel? Why so many people in your list choose to leave their comfortable couch and travel to different corners of the world? Let's put these questions on hold and talk about your job. 

Ever get tired of your job? Do you feel like just getting up early in the morning and leave the busy city life for the open road? 

We all get these cravings every week (Mondays). Though most of us hard working professionals seem to fantasize about having adventures that will be remembered forever, we never actually get to the part after planning. The part that involves packing our bag and just heading out of our home. We are pretty sure you'll have a full list of reasons why you cannot simply forget your busy schedule and just step out; that said, we do believe you hard-working folks need some time off work. There are several benefits of travel and one of them is that is does make you a better person. Not only does it make you more independent, it also makes you a smarter person. Here are some reasons why travel is better for you.

Make sure you list these reasons in your leave application. 

You get to make new memories

If there is one that will always be with us till the day we die, it's our memories. When you travel, you not only get to experience life outside your comfort zone, you also take some memorable instances that will stay with you forever. If you are an adventure junkie in a city like Bangalore, there are always events happening in and around Bangalore that will help you curb your enthusiasm.  

You discover yourself as you discover the world

Whether you travel in a group or just go backpacking, you learn more about how you behave in unusual situations. If you go trekking or camping near your city, you learn how you react to situations outside your comfortable office chair. Imagine spending a night in a jungle. No cell-service, no google and no Bear Grills to guide you; we bet you will definitely learn more about yourself than you will sitting on your couch. 

Get a boost in your self-confidence

When you step out of your comfort zone, even if you plan every single detail of your trip, life may throw a couple of lemons at you just to test how you react. Responding to unusual situations and solving the problems is a great boost to your self-confidence. 

You get to spend time away from the internet

Be it travelling, going on a city walk, spending time outdoors or just climbing some rocks, these activities usually require looking away from your phone. It's times like these, our generation realizes how much life is better offline. Though google does help us learn some things about life, actually experiencing certain things is a much better option. 

You get to learn more about what's happening around you

Do you really know every corner of our city? If yes, then how about the beautiful locations surrounding your city.

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