Top 5 Zumba Classes in Bangalore, giving your Gym a break!

Posted on :
15 September 2016
Posted on :
15 September 2016

Majority of the crowd in the city in now quickly moving towards healthier way of living. Taking break from routine and work-life, healthy and sound mind and body is becoming one of the factors most sought after, these days. If the gym even slightly gives a hint of heavy work and boredom, there are various dance forms you can reach out to, for fitness. Here a list of 5 top Zumba classes in city that will help you groove your way to fitness, both physically and mentally.

1. The Tribe Fitness Club

Image Credits: Facebook - The Tribe

As one of India’s largest group exercise club, The Tribe is one of the most interesting means to fitness training. Breaking the routine of a gym, at The Tribe, one gets to train a new way each day. Making sure these fitness steps are not just a routine but also a positive impact as a lifestyle, Tribe engages its members into series of fitness programmes, that includes Zumba, one of the most popular fitness dance forms.

Tribe has some of the world class fitness trainers overseeing the sessions. The fitness programmes are well designed, keeping in mind both beginners and professional athletes who aim fitness at different levels.There are also personal trainers who give individual attention while designing work-out schedules on request of personal training.

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2. Figurine Fitness

Image Credits: Facebook - Figurine Fitness

Started in 1987, Figurine Fitness has been serving Bangalore as one of the popular and important Fitness and Health related company. With a mission to assist and contribute to mental and physical fitness as well as well-being among the residents of Bangalore, Figurine Fitness has been operating as a strong fitness conscious community. As one of the leading Dance Aerobics Studio and Gym, they focus on building a healthy and fit community of people.

Efficient and professional trainers train the people towards better approaches to fitness. The sessions are interesting and also focused on fitness goals that help both physically and mentally.Maintaining their brand name and quality training, the fitness company has helped people achieve their fitness targets. 

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3. Roystons Dance Station

Image Credits: Facebook - Roystons Dance Station

Roystons Dance Station while conducting fitness dance classes across the city, focuses on giving out Zumba classes in various centres in Whitefield, Marathalli, Indiranagar and so on. They also have sessions on over 20 dance styles. Reaching out to various types of crowds across the city, Roystons focuses on reaching out to as many people as possible with fitness initiatives. 

Creative and fun session of dance, with letting the entire team involved and enjoy the classes has worked well for the dance company. As one of the quickly growing dance communities, Roystons is adding quality and great experience to the fitness journeys of many.

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4. Aero Fitness Center

Offering some of the best fitness regimes, Aero Fitness Center is a fast growing community of health conscious individuals. The training and work-out sessions are supervised by trainers who are efficient and are also experts in specific fields.

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Aero Fitness makes sure that the sessions are not just about work-outs but also are quality training to profoundly master the art and making it a lifestyle. 

Individuals who are keen on sprinting faster towards fitness goals have an option of Personal Training, here at AFC. The fitness center also offers trail packages, that lets one choose their area of interest that would help them with their fitness goals. Flexible schedules, easy access to the center and enthusiastic trainers, help individuals focus and set goals towards fitness.  

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5. Body in Motion

Image Credits: Facebook - Body in Motion

Body in Motion is one of the most standard Fitness and Dance Studio in the city. They believe in regular physical activity and balanced diet that helps in staying fit and well in both body and mind.

They offer great training sessions and classes in Aerobics, Zumba, Salsa, Thai Kickboxing, dance lessons for kids and Bollywood dance sessions. Their fitness sessions focus on reducing risks of not being fit and healthy. 

With this in mind, Body in Motion reaches out to many across the city, pointing out the importance of being a part of a fitness community. This way, individuals stay motivated towards achieving their fitness goals. Their training sessions are focused to achieve higher levels of fitness both physically and mentally.

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*Featured Image Credits: Flickr- Teammarche