Top 5 Music Classes in Bangalore - To nurture the artist in you!

Posted on :
7 September 2016
Posted on :
7 September 2016

If you are a music lover, looking to mentor your talent with some of the best artists in town, then your search ends here. Here are top 5 music classes in Bangalore, ready to help you get better at what you love doing.

1. Sangeet Sadhana

Image Credits: Facebook - Sangeet Sadhana

Sangeet Sadhana was started by Ms. Anindita Mukerjee, a professional singer and an efficient vocal trainer with Indian Classical music. Her experience of over 25 years of career in Indian Music is surely inspiring the learners who are also looking for a career oriented passion.Classes on Hindustani Classical, Light Classical ( Ghazals, Bhajan, Thumri, Folk) and Hindi Movie classics are offered. There are also options for beginners and advanced level learners who are looking to excel in the classical music. 

Sangeet Sadhana has a systematic way of approaching classes with both beginners and advanced classical music learners. Basics of the course include detailed theory on classical music, introduction to Ragas, structure to music and more. Apart from vocal classes they also offer classes on classical music instruments for both beginners and advanced level learners. 

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2. Rainbow Bridge - House of Music

Image Credits: Facebook -  Rainbow Bridge

Sanjeev T, the founder of Rainbow Bridge set up this house of music way back in 2004. After relocating from Chennai to Bangalore, the music school is quickly growing, reaching out to budding musicians in the city in mentoring them. Sanjeev is also a popular guitarist who has been working with the music legendary, Mr.A.R.Rahman on several projects along his career experience. 

With a mission to educate, create and collaborate musicians to present with some of the exquisite music to the industry, Sanjeev has been mentoring musicians from various backgrounds. As a producer and excellent musician, his approach to music and his sessions truly impact crowds of musicians as well as learners. 

The school offers courses in music with lessons on musical instruments like guitar, drums, bass, vocal training and also courses on music production. The courses vary from beginner level courses to advanced levels.

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3. Nathaniel School of Music

Image Credits: Facebook - Nathaniel School of Music

Nathaniel School of Music was started in 2009. A team of well versed professional musicians, efficient and have researched their subjects are making a difference in the quality  of music and the price at which it reaches the students who want to excel in it. 

Having given to the industry some of the best artists, music teachers, singers and so on, Nathaniel Music School aims in bringing together a group of standard passionate musicians who also give out great performances in the industry. The learners keep learning more than what they sign up for, at Nathaniel Music School.

Mentoring efficient and talented musicians in the city, Nathaniel School of Music also offers a great learning experience that also gives a chance for every musician to chase their passion for music as not just hobby but also as a carrier. They also give an insight on education in music that includes training, recording and production services, professional classes and more.

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4. Rhythms Institute of Fine Arts

Image Credits: Facebook - Rhythms Institute of Fine Arts

Started in 1996 by Vishwanath Prasad, Rhythms Institute of Fine Arts is one of the best institutes in Bangalore for Fine Arts. The institute had started with a bunch of aspirant guitarists Dedicated to the seven components of the Indian Classical Music, Rhythms ultimate vision to set up seven institutes in Bangalore has been accomplished.

As a quickly growing community, Rhythms is home to almost 4000 students and 85 faculty. With a wide range of about 28 disciplines, including Vocal, Instrumental, Dance Visual Arts, Sessions on both Carnatic and Western, Rhythms tops the list of being one of the best fine arts institute in the city. 

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5. The Bangalore School of Music

Image Credits: Facebook - Bangalore School of Music

The 29 year old Bangalore School of Music was first founded by Mrs. Aruna Sunerlal in 1987. Ever since then, the academy has been reaching out to thousands of passionate music lovers, looking to excel in music.

The academy offers lessons on all Orchestral instruments including Piano, Keyboard and of course vocal. An enthusiastic team of about 500 students are trained by some of the most dedicated faculty to appear for London Boards & Progressive Music Examinations.

The music school has 13 teaching studios, a dance studio, a library and amphitheatre facilities for the students. With all the modern facilities, Bangalore School of Music is well equipped and focused on taking steps to raise standards of quality in both producing and presenting music.