Top 5 Salsa Classes in Bangalore Because We Like To Move It Move It!

Posted on :
6 September 2016
Posted on :
6 September 2016

Well, who would want to stand and watch a groovy salsa dance session and not move to the music? You can stop making excuses to escape that Salsa dance floor that you've been eyeing for a while now. These top 5 Latino Dance schools are going to help you with that Salsa groove with some fun class sessions, with no compromise on the authentic Salsa form. 

1. Furor Entertainment

As one of the renowned Salsa community, Furor is known for the ultimate and very authentic form of Salsa that it trains people with. Founded by Mr.Alex Diaz in 2009, Furor has been in-tune with their mission to encourage authentic salsa. In his experience of being a Salsa dancer, instructor and a DJ, Alex has been trained under some of the famous and the world's bests.

Image Credits: Facebook - Furor

With dance communities on a constant growth through them, in places like Hyderabad and Ahmedabad, Furor is already a Salsa lovers haven. Teams from Furor have been active performers at world level Salsa Congress events and have made India proud. They have also hosted a number of great events with world known salsa artists heading them.

As a quickly growing dance community, they also encourage dance events and socials that practically polishes performance art part of learning Salsa.

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2. Latin Dance India

Latin Dance India was started by the enthusiastic and passionate dancers Sai and Kirhti in 2007. The talented dancers performed on international stages and received great appreciation on their performances and have been trained by great international artists. Sai and Krithi were also the first Indian couple to be on ESPN World Championship in 2007.

Image Credits: Facebook -  Latin Dance India

Aiming on spreading the love for dance among every possible groups of people, they also conduct workshops, events and classes. Latin Dance India has provided the dance industry with some of the best dancers and artists and that is quickly becoming a bustling venue filled with Salsa and other Latin forms of dance. LDI also boasts of having one of the best dance floors in the city.

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3. Latino Rhythms Dance Academy

Mr.John Anthony, the founder of Latino Rhythms Dance Academy is one of the most efficient trainers popular in both national and on international dance platforms. His simplicity and approach to dance has been inspiring people from various dance forms over the years. His experience in the industry with some of the world’s top artists have helped him gain recognition among various dance form on an expert level. He had rigorous training for about 13 years to master all the Latin dance forms. Thanks to his undying passion he is passing on everything that he has mastered and trained with, selflessly.The academy is also a proud host of 8 International Dance Congresses so far.

Image Credits: Facebook - LRDA

The academy has two massive dance studios in the city. These studios are well facilitated with recent and comfortable features.  Aiming at an institute that churns out world class dancers and professionals from India, Latino Rhythms Dance Academy keeps its bars raised high when it comes to learning the dance form and also the performing arts.

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4. Nivesaa

Nivesaa specialises with Latin dance forms on a more professional and high authenticity level. Founded by two talented and passionate artists, Sahiba Singh and Aastha Gulati, Nivesaa has been making a great difference in the lives of dance lovers. With a very unique approach of wellness through music and dance, bringing together mind and body, is one of the greatest ways to reach out to different age groups of people. 

Image Credits: Facebook - Nivesaa

The name literally translates to ‘Investment’ and that is what the dance academy insists on, for people to invest on the wellness of their own body and mind.While still maintaining the authenticity of Latino dance forms like Sasla, Nivesaa also helps the learns to incorporate great ways of making use of these sessions. Basically the sessions and classes focus and emphasises on connecting body and mind, bringing them to a familiar rhythm.

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5. Studio 5678

Studio 5678 is a strong and efficient team of 20 choreographers and dancers. Founded by Mr.Arun Kumar, this is one of a kind in Bangalore, as this is an academy, that also houses performers. The academy masters and specialises with Latin dance forms, particularly Salsa. 

Image Credits: Facebook - Studio 5678

They also organise great workshops across schools, colleges and corporate that has been inspiring the participants. As a quick growing community, Studio 5678 is becoming one the popular and well known academy in town. 

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