Zomato Reviewers Tell Us About Their Favourite Restaurants And Foods (Part 1)

Posted on :
6 September 2016
Posted on :
6 September 2016

Before we plan a trip to a local eatery or restaurant, we check the reviews on Zomato first. When it comes to reviews, most of us prefer reading reviews by experienced connoisseurs in our respective areas. Some of these reviewers happen to be food bloggers who know a little more about food than us normal folk. We contacted some popular Zomato reviewers from Bangalore and asked them about their favourite eateries, their culinary experiences and their favourite foods. Read on and follow these amazing foodies. 

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1. Susmita Nanda Dash

Favourite eatery in Bangalore- Baluchi at The Lalit Ashok Bangalore

Favourite dish and the place you had it in- My favourite dish is Mushroom Tikki, which I had in Baluchi in form of Gucchi aur Safed Mushroom Ki Galouti, their signature melt in mouth kebab of kashmiri black morels and white mushroom smoked with cloves, a signature of Mumtaz from Mumbai.

Best dining experience- The best dining experience I had at Baluchi, The Lalit Ashok when I attended their unique event ‘Road to Baluchistan’ to showcase the Signature recipes from the rest of Baluchi Restaurant’s present all across the country namely from Chandigarh, Jaipur, Mumbai & New Delhi they surely must have anticipated that their endeavors will result into an successful Jugalbandi of food, flavours and plating. That food festival gave me an unforgettable experience of tasting some of the authentic delicacies which were cooked to perfection.

One underrated eatery in Bangalore- It has to be Baluchi as it got 3.9 rating out of 5 on Zomato based on 72 votes. According to me that restaurant has got great potential and a wonderful specialty Chef team which creates an unmatched culinary experience which is yet to be discovered by the popular bloggers and reviewers of Bengaluru. As new restaurants keep coming almost on weekly basis, the newly opened ones tend to get the buzz and interest going for them rather than exploring the existing eateries and fine dines.

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2. Soumya Gopi

Soumya Gopi

Favourite eatery in Bangalore- Truffles, Koramangala for succulent burgers and Ferrero rocher milkshake.

Favourite dish and the place you had it in- It’s difficult to choose only one favorite dish as I have a myriad of dishes in my mind from various restaurants. But to choose one, there is a place which I never get bored of going- Bon South, Koramangala. They serve an amazing Andhra steamed fish in which fish fillets are coated with green chilli paste, wrapped and steamed in banana leaf. I love the whole buffet they serve. Some of my favourites are paniyaram, prawns fry, appam with vegetable stew/Alleppey fish curry, elaneer payasam and ada pradhaman.

Best dining experience- An unforgettable dinner at a legendary place in namma ooru, Blue Ginger – The Taj West End. Set in a lush garden, this beautiful restaurant is India’s first Vietnamese restaurant. They serve authentic Vietnamese food. I had tried their set meals and can’t forget the taste of jasmine rice, Prawns in yellow curry and lemongrass ice cream. It’s one of the best places to dine with your love.

One underrated eatery in Bangalore- Vishnu Thatte idli at Domlur. I have eaten at least 50 times from this place (take away every time) and not even a single time their quality has dropped. My husband, who knows this place nearly for 20 years, introduced me to this small eatery which serves piping hot Thatte idli with nice red chutney. This place is famous among the localities, but hardly people from other part of town know this place. So this place is definitely on my list of underrated restaurants.

Credits- You Gotta Try It

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3. Maromi Panda

Credits- Hungry Panda Diaries

Favourite eatery in Bangalore- Fenny's: awesome drinks, lovely ambiance, good but not too loud music and excellent food.​ Read my blog here.

Here&Now: great breakfast options, board games, paper and color pencils to doodle, excellent service and have never been disappointed with food​. Read my blog here.​

Chili​'​s​, Whitefield​: ​this is an old favorite and I can vouch for the margaritas and burgers here. Read my blog on the Indiranagar outlet here.

Boozy griffin: for its amazing retro music, potent cocktails and house made nachos. Read my blog here.

Favourite dish and the place you had it in- Honestly, there's not one dish I can single out

For good pizzas, I would recommend Fenny's and Prost (love their wild mushroom pizza)

Biryani: Banjara melting pot. Read my review here.

Mexican: Chili's. Love their chicken sandwich too.

Best dining experience- 24@47 Crowne plaza definitely tops the list. Love the ambiance, its huge sread, top notch service and live music. Read my review here.

Tim Tai: Excellent Asian food and charming place. Read my review here.

Chianti (Koramangala outlet): Lovely ambiance, great service and excellent Italian food. Read my review here.

One underrated eatery in Bangalore- Again, I'm naming two of them here.

Via Milano: Probably due to its location, it doesn't get much of a crowd compared to the other famous Italian places in Koramangala. Read my review here.

Credits- Hungry Panda Diaries

Sakae: Mind-blowing Japanese food, but I suppose not many people know about this place, and prices a little on the higher side. Read my review here .

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4. Carolyn Theresa

A Little Bit of Caro

Favourite eatery in Bangalore- Phobidden Fruit, this Vietnamese place in Indranagar

Favourite dish and the place you had it in- Cheesecake - Art of Delight

Best dining experience- Even though I have had some amazing dining experiences in Bangalore and other cities, for me the best dining experience was- brunch at the Burj Al Arab in Dubai. We were assigned a private butler to serve us at our beck and call, ate some mouthwatering dishes made out of the most exotic ingredients from different parts of the world, a beautiful view of the Jumeriah Beach and we were also given a private tour of the Burj, undoubtedly the world's most luxurious hotel.

One underrated eatery in Bangalore- Mast Kalandar, their Gulab Jamuns are to die for! One of the best I’ve had in Bangalore.

Credits- A Little Bit of Caro

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5. Rohit Dassani


Credits- Rohit Dassani

Favourite eatery in Bangalore- It really difficult to choose one when you have so many options around you. But my favorites including Ruh's Cafe, Zzungry, Dolci, Absolute Barbeque, Sultans of Spice and ofcourse Corner House. I could go here anytime of the day and each is so unique in the food they serve.

Favourite dish and the place you had it in- My favorite dish in Bangalore is Idly! Yes this simply food comes in so many varieties and is so different in each of the places. The best place I visit regularly to have it is S.N Refreshments in JP Nagar. The shop is only opened for a few hours in the day but attracted people from all spears due to its simplicity.

Credits- Rohit Dassani

Best dining experience- The best dining experience I had in a while was at Farzi Cafe, one of the most recently opened restaurants in Bangalore. Right from the food to the ambiance everything has been so thought through. The atmosphere inside is so lively and you would enjoy every bit of it. Other honorable mentions include Nimisseria in Brigade Road and b-Cafe.

One underrated eatery in Bangalore-My connection with Bangalore started with Variar Bakery, Rajajinagar and it still remains as the best bakery/eatery in Bangalore. Every bite you take from their products will take you to your childhood. No one bakes better than Variar, even though it is highly rated, I think they deserves much more. A visit to Bangalore is incomplete without a visit to this legendary bakery.

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