10 Indie Bands in Bangalore That Stand Apart From The Crowd

Posted on :
23 July 2016
Posted on :
23 July 2016

In a city where people spend most of their day working in a cubicle or on a bean bag in some cases, there are a few that stand apart from the busy corporate crowd. People like these pursue their passion and use their talents to help the rest of the world relax with their music. People who dare to walk the less traveled path and end up amazing everyone. The Indie artists of Bangalore fall right in this category of people. This club of Indie artists is huge and we picked a few that have enthralled everyone in Bangalore with their music. 

1. Clown With A Frown

Credits- Clown with a frown

Time spent listening to this band will definitely leave you without a frown. Clown wit a frown is an indie pop/rock outfit that is known for its energetic live acts. Their music combines elements of different genres like jazz, funk, soul, reggae etc. and will transport you back to the era of disco. 

2. Mind Map

Credits- Mind Map

Drawing their inspirations from natural sounds, Mind Map is one band that will appease any soul seeking some way to relax. Their psychedelic music used a medium for story telling is created with instruments like guitars, violin, percussion, synthesizer and even the didgeridoo.

3. All the Fat Children

Credits- All the Fat Children

Calling their genre Fat music, All the Fat Children has been playing the Fat tunes for a while and now perform at various events in Bangalore and other cities in India. The band has produced a few singles and three music videos. Their latest video is being aired on channels like Vh1, 9XO and Pepsi MTV indies. 

4. Parvaaz

Credits- Parvaaz

The band started by two childhood friends who realized after a few sessions of jamming tunes that they can do more with their music. The four piece rock outfit has been appreciated for its performances in various music festivals and events. The band worked up a crowdfunding campaign for their LP 'Baran' for which they raised 2.5 lakhs. 

5. Perfect Strangers - The Band

Credits- Perfect Strangers

This group has played in more than 52 venues and continues to perform wherever they hear the call of music. Influenced by the music of good old days of 90s, the group started as a cover band following legends like Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Toto. Now they compose tunes that combine the elements of jazz with blues and classic music. 

6. Peepal Tree

Credits- Peepal Tree

This four piece outfit from Bangalore has performed at more than 1500 concerts globally. Giving funky grooves to Indian music, the group has also worked with Hindi and Kannada film industry. With experienced members, this band produces some interesting music that has been heard in various venues in Bangalore. 

7. Polly Wants A Cracker

Credits- Polly wants a cracker

Taking inspiration from the famous song for its name, the band regularly plays covers of rock legends like Ozzy, James Brown, ZZ top, Led Zeppelin etc. They also compose tunes that blend genres like blues, reggae, metal and grunge. 

8. Supermash

Credits- Supermash

The group was formed by 5 experienced members of the music community who despite having different tastes in music have one thing in common, their love for 80s. The band hopes to give its own modern rock touch to the 80s music with their tunes.  

9. Mad Orange Fireworks

Credits- Mad Orange Fireworks

Formed by a man who decided to give up a lucrative career to follow the path he always wanted to take, Mad Orange Fireworks is a three piece band that has made a name for itself with its originality and stage presence. Using the color orange to describe the sound created by them, the band has gained most of its fans with its live performances. 

10. One Girl Shy

Credits- One Girl Shy

Artist Akhilesh Kumar of Solder, started this group by collaborating with different artists. The band has three vocalists and promises good music to fans everywhere with its Alternative folk rock. Though the band is relatively new to the scene, the six members working together show great promise.

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