10 Veg Restaurants in Bangalore That Offer A Memorable Dining Experience

Posted on :
26 August 2016
Posted on :
26 August 2016

If you are a pure vegetarian, you probably don't get a vote when your group decides on a place to dine in. Finding a good place that offers pure vegetarian food that is not only delicious but a memorable culinary experience can be difficult. Fortunately Bangalore is full of restaurants and eating joints that take care of vegetarians. From fine dining restaurants to casual hangouts, here are our picks of 10 vegetarian restaurants in Bangalore. 

1. 1947

Credits- 1947

The restaurant that captures the essence of our freedom struggle through its ambiance, 1947 provides authentic Indian vegetarian food in all of its five outlets in Bangalore. What started as a fine dining restaurant back in 2003 has now become one of most successful chains in Bangalore.

Price: 750 INR for two (approx) 

Address: Multiple Locations

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2. Green Theory

Credits- Green Theory

Surrounded by lush greenery, this restaurant/cafe offers pure vegetarian food inspired from different cuisines of the world. Green Theory serves offers organic vegetarian food and also has options for Jain and Vegan food. 

Price: 1,100 INR for two people (approx)

Address: Residency Road

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3. Imli Cafe & Restaurant

Credits- Imli Cafe & Restaurant

Offering you the taste of home-cooked food away from home, Imli was started as a casual hangout for people looking for some delicious home cooked meals. Over the years, Imli has grown into a full fledged restaurant with a diverse menu. This place also serves Jain cuisine.

Price: 1,100 INR for two people (approx.)

Address: Indiranagar

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4. Rasovara - The Royal Kitchen

Credits- Rasovara - The Royal Kitchen

Rasovara brings you the food from the royal kitchens of palaces of Rajasthan and Gujarat. The luxury restaurant offers a royal dining experience and gives you some of the century old recipes in the form of scrumptious vegetarian thalis and dishes. Owned by Rajdhani Thali chain, Rasovara offers a memorable fine dining experience.

Price: 1,250 INR for two people (approx.)

Address: UB City, Lavelle Road

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5. The Great Indian Thali

Credits- The Great Indian Thali

A place where you get to taste the richness of Indian cuisine in every bite you take, The Great Indian Thali is the perfect destination for a pure vegetarian Thali buffet. With dishes cooked with fresh ingredients, the chefs of this restaurant strive to bring the authentic taste of Indian cuisine to your palate. 

Price: 1,000 INR for two people (approx.)

Address: 4th Block, Koramangala 

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6. Eshanya

Credits- Eshanya

Eshanya keeps its customers pampered with vegetarian foods from Indian and Chinese cuisines. The ambiance and service are at par with some of the best fine dining restaurants in the country and their mouth watering dishes are available at reasonable prices. 

Price: 1,000 for two people INR (approx.)

Address: Jayanagar

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7. Kapoor's Cafe

Credits- Kapoor's Cafe

If you happen to love Punjabi food and only want to dine in a vegetarian restaurant, then Kapoor's Cafe is your destination. Though this is a casual dining food joint, they make up for what they lack in ambiance in the quantity of food you get at reasonable prices. So start planning your next visit and enjoy their sumptuous authentic Punjabi food.

Price: 650 INR for two people (approx.)

Address: Thubarahalli, Whitefield

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8. Kesariya

Credits- Kesariya

Creating dishes that are made from ingredients that are organically grown in the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan, eating at Kesariya is an experience on its own. The decor is filled with elements of Shekhawati culture and the chef offers you some authentic Rajasthani food. 

Price: 1,000 INR for two people (approx.)

Address: JP Nagar

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9. Baba Chatkora

Credits- Baba Chatkora

Baba Chatkora offers all the North-Indian street foods under one roof. The relaxed yet quirky ambiance inspired from dhabas in Delhi and other northern regions offer create a casual atmosphere to munch on delicious vegetarian foods created from chefs who specialize in North-Indian food. 

Price: 400 INR for two people (approx.)

Address: BTM 2nd Stage

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10. Indian Paratha Company

Credits- Indian Paratha Company

Offering a view of Nandi hills along with freshly made yummy parathas, Indian Paratha Company is a one of kind highway joint. The restaurant offers three kinds of parathas- Stuffed, Quesadilla inspired parathas and Parathzaa. You can compliment your food with chai or lassi depending on the weather. 

Price: 500 INR for two people (approx.)

Address: Devanahalli

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