Yoga Classes in Bangalore

Posted on :
26 July 2016
Posted on :
26 July 2016

Bangalore as a city is quickly bustling with a busy crowd that is also trying to find a balance on fitness and stress management. While this trend is racing to seek mental and physical wellness, it is only normal to reach out to Yoga. This means, fitness not just becomes a focus, it also becomes a lifestyle. Here are a few specialists in Yoga in the city, quietly helping people balance a busy life with mental and physical wellness.

1. 1. Skanda Yoga India

Image Credits: Skanda Yoga

Skanda Yoga, is one of the popular organisations offering yoga classes in Bangalore. They offer one hour sessions for 4-5 days in a week, personal training, corporate yoga sessions and workshops. With some great sessions on weight management, back strengthening, hormone regulation, mind and body coordination, they have proved to be giving out best approaches to fitness and health. With an interesting, scientifically researched and developed form of yoga, Skanda also focuses on helping people with stress management and disease free life. 

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2. 2. Yoga Binge

Image Credits: Yoga Binge

Yoga Binge focuses on bringing in action the Classical Yoga in its purest form. Yoga classes and workshops are presided by professionally trained teacher from Isha Hata- School of Yoga. The sessions are loaded with classical yoga, that has been maintained in full sanctity and vibrancy dating back to centuries. 

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3. Zorba Renaissance Studio, Ulsoor

Image Credits: Zorba - A Renaissance Studio

The therapies and courses at Zorba having quickly been proving to be the most needed holistic approach to life itself. These courses encourage people to live a life with peaceful mind, empowered spirit and a passion to live. They have batches every day, both morning and evening. They also keep organizing events every now and then.

4. Dhrti Yoga

Image Credits: Dhrti

Dhrti thrives on an idea of ‘goal’ that every person sets for themselves. It provides with methods to gain enough physical and emotional strength to help the person pursue their goals and face challenges. The various types of yoga that Dhriti practices, works to help a person live life better.

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5. a1000yoga

Image Credits: a1000yoga

At a1000yoga, one gets to experience life affirming practices. They focus on quality yoga practice that would impact life in every way. Meaningful and healthy way of living is taught and practised at a1000yoga. They also believe that though there are a 1000 yoga, there is one just for you.

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6. Pradipika Institute of Yoga

With a vision to provide holistic approach to a healthy and fit mind and body, Pradipika Institute of Yoga is quickly becoming a popular yoga institute in North Bangalore. It not just provides sessions on Yoga, but also helps one fine tune fluctuations of mind, paving way to healthier way to life.

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