Meet Nazia Khan: The Ace Photographer Behind ISOLATION Photography Exhibition

Posted on :
24 August 2016
Posted on :
24 August 2016

ISOLATION: A Photography Exhibition by Nazia Khan at Honeycomb Art Gallery goes on till 28th and all Bangaloreans are invited to attend before it ends. The exhibition by Process TheaterZ features some photographs by the renowned photographer from Bangalore and is an ode to Blue and Isolation. We got in touch with the photographer/film-maker and had a chat with her about the on going exhibition and her journey so far. 

Tell us a little about yourself.

Credits- Nazia Khan

Hi, I am Nazia. I have just finished my masters in Journalism and Mass Communication from NICC, Bangalore with Diploma in Cinematography. I am a photographer, traveller, storyteller and a film maker from Kolkata who is based in Bangalore at the moment.

The immense urge of capturing moments and converting it into art, is what motivates me to photograph. Documenting time through my camera is what I do, whether it's a portrait, a landscape or an architectural photograph.

As a storyteller, traveller; I capture the journey and the culture we are in and has been through. Every photo has a story to tell of that particular time and space; to lock that space in that particular time so it could remain with us to understand it in a deeper sense in future, I capture the moments of my journey.

How did you enter this profession?

I have been interested in photography since long now, must be 10 years or more.

I started photography with a Nikon (F75) analogue camera. The amount of happiness and excitement I felt after I saw my first set of developed photographs is still fresh in my mind. I knew I wanted to be a photographer since then, but to learn the skill and understand the art I took time and during that time I was working in television channels as an executive producer and was doing freelance work to earn money to travel, to see and understand more cultures and photograph people and places.

In the meantime, I was also figuring out the digital camera and its equipment. I was watching cinema, observing photographers.

During this period I made a short film named ‘Watch It' which was screened at Kolkata Dialogue film festival in 2012, also worked for Parle biscuit TVC, worked for Big boss etc. And then finally after completing my graduation in 2007, I decided to do masters to polish my skills in the field of photography and peruse my dream of being a photographer.

How do you capture the essence of a person and the moment in a picture?

I strongly feel it is important to make a relationship with the subject and the artist. Without that, our work is just images not a piece of art. And to understand that relationship one needs to go deeper into the subject. Get familiar with it, it's present, it's history, it's texture, smell and it's life. No matter it is a portrait or travel or architecture photography, the most important work is to observe and absorb.

Credits- Nazia Khan

What exactly do you want to express with your photographs?

With each photograph the expression is different; so many emotions; so many expressions; anger, love, faith, failure, peace.... and much much more. For me it’s vast, much wide space. One photograph can express various emotions or just one. But to answer your question I can say 'TIME'. Time is what I want to express through my photographs.

What kind of equipment do you use?

Right now I use Canon 6D camera with various prime lenses mainly.

Tell our readers about your ongoing exhibition- Isolation Photography.

ISOLATION: A photography Exhibition organised by Process TheaterZ (theatre group/ a pan-Indian artists collective community).

Credits- Process TheaterZ

ISOLATION is a visual testimony to places & people that I have encountered as I traversed & muddled through life.

Credits- Process TheaterZ

These isolated stolen moments are the points where our worlds collided on each other; mine and my subjects; we had a dialogue in a fraction of second and then we moved on with the flow. But I am left with these fragments of'ISOLATION'. All these different people, different places are connected with this thread. When our world collided, I have witnessed their silent loneliness and their celebration while they were relishing their solitude, inside a room or under the wide blue sky.

Credits- Process TheaterZ

The idea is to understand whether this feeling of ‘ISOLATION’ runs inside the viewer while s/he comes in touch with these pictures! Do these pictures have their own stories or we complete it with meaning when we look at them.

Credits- Process TheaterZ

Exhibition is open for viewers, art collectors, art lovers in the city of Bangalore till 28th March at Honeycomb Art Gallery, Kormangla from 11 AM - 7 PM.

Your influences

Life, Travel, Culture and Cinema.

Your future plans.

To be a better photographer with each photograph I capture.

To know more about the exhibition, click here.