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About World Trade Centre

The core functions of the Word Trade Centre at the commercial capital of the country, Mumbai is both Research and International Trade Promotion. Set up in 1970, this non-profit organization is the single on point solution to all business solutions. As one of the leading organizations the Mumbai World Trade Center is actively involved in world trade development. 

It’s the Mumbai World Trade Center that is considered as the model for the trade centers in the country since the center has taken drastic initiatives to set up WTC’s in most cities in the country. Their main function is to involve and network with government and private sectors that would contribute to trade that would in turn contribute to the growth of the particular region.

They reach out to agricultural sectors, media and other prominent sectors in terms of trade that would contribute to the industry. 

The World Trade Center in Mumbai has some of the best facilities. With an exhibition center that is well maintained and Auditorium that has been well facilitated, the prestigious building stands as an example for other trade venues in the country. These facilities have also been proud hosts of some of the most important International Events in the country. Having been set as a role model for other World Trade Centers in the country, the venue is undoubtedly at its best.

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+91 22 66387272


Sadhu Vaswani Marg, Cuffe Parade, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400005
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