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About The House

The House in Mumbai is a Restaurant that Welcome You Home

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The thing about restaurants is that, no matter how courteous or kind the staff are, it doesn’t feel like home. At home, no one judges you for what you wear, or how you eat. At a restaurant, there is a decorum that you need to maintain. And sometimes you just don’t feel like playing a role anymore. Well, some people in Mumbai thought the same thing and came with an ingenious, and slightly eccentric, idea. Mumbai’s The House is exactly what the name suggests, a house. It is a restaurant built into a house. And no, the house hasn’t been reorganized, the walls haven’t been removed, it is exactly like any regular house. There are two indoor rooms and two outdoor rooms, each of them decorated just like a house would be. There are sofas, coffee tables, bookshelves, family photographs, etc. The idea is to give you a sense of familiarity and informality that will not only help you to relax, but will also allow you to be yourself. Needless to say, the staff are also extremely and try to provide you a hassle-free experience. Whether they make you feel like you’re sitting at home depends from person to person. But it cannot be argued that The House offers you an experience that no other restaurant can.

                                                                                                     Image Credit: The House
The food at The House, a continental fare, is par excellence. Every single bite transports you a gastronomic paradise, where the sense of taste has overtaken everything else. Starters such as Corn Cheese Balls, House Falafel, Garlic Pepper Chicken and Pollo Marbello give you an idea of the standard being set for the later dishes. For the mains there are delicacies such as Grilled Chicken, Non Veg Kebab Platter, Pasta Aglio Olio, BBQ Paneer Pizza, Masala Chicken Pizza and Heavy Duty Sandwich.

                                                                                                        Image Credit: The House
Just like the main menu, the drinks menu is also quite vast and equally impressive. The bar stocks all the well-known imported and domestic brands, and also has talented bartenders who can whip up some impressive cocktails. Sweet Kiss, Apple Jim Tall, House Side Car, Sunrise and many other famous cocktails are expertly executed at The House’s Bar.

                                                                                             Image Credit: The House
A plethora of events keep happening at The House. Live Music Nights, DJs, workshops, Jam Sessions, etc. are constantly being organized, to the delight of the organizers and new diners.
The House is definitely unique in its décor and ambience, but it’s the quality of food and entertainment that creates the bond between the establishment and the diners, old and new.

Phone Number

022 3381 4160


Bungalow 1, Aaram Nagar JP Road, Versova, Andheri West Mumbai, Maharashtra 400061
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